The stage has been set, and finally a Big Brother 18 houseguest (HG) has realized Paulie Calafiore has been sitting back and casually running the house to best benefit his game for the past several weeks.  Unfortunately, the HG to finally make this realization is one of the two nominees on the Block for the first eviction of the night, Michelle Meyer (Meech).

Big Brother Cast (Source CBS)

Big Brother 18’s Michelle Meyer(Source CBS)

She and Zakiyah Everette are nominees on the Block this week and one of the two of them will be evicted very early in tonight’s episode to make room for the second eviction of the night.

This week marked Paulie’s’ second Power of Veto (POV) win in a row and his third POV win of the season.  After Paulie declined to use the POV, Meech went on a triad in the Diary Room about Paulie. Meech can’t believe how stupid and oblivious the house has become towards Paulie.  She feels as though Paulie is a huge threat to the HGs because he manipulates people, wins many competitions, and plays a great social game. Meech did vow to send Paulie out the door if she was able to survive eviction.

The house majority alliance, the Executives, is not on the same page when it comes to the first eviction of the evening. Paul and Victor have been very vocal and unwavering about wanting Zakiyah evicted from the house now. They know she can last longer on competitions than Meech and therefore is a bigger threat to their game than Michelle. However, Paulie wants Zakiyah to stay, and instead he wants the house to evict Meech. He claims her emotional breakdowns make her a volatile player that needs to be evicted immediately.

The key to the eviction may end up in the hands of James Huling. James won America’s Care Package this week which entitled him to prevent two HGs from voting at the live eviction ceremony. Paulie can certainly see the value in James’ position in the game and has done his best to convince James he needs to use his power to ensure Meech goes home tonight. James is a smart player with experience under his belt and has been able to ascertain the importance of his care package powers. James is concerned about making the wrong move with the power and the target being moved to his back which would be horrible timing with a second eviction taking place tonight.

Zakiyah doesn’t seem too concerned about being evicted as Paulie has assured her she is safe tonight. Meech has finally seen the power Paulie holds in the game and could be the person to finally blow up his game. James holds more power than anyone with the ability to flip the vote in the house with his care package power. How will be the first HG evicted tonight, and how much will that eviction effect the second eviction tonight? Tune in to find the answers to these questions and many more on the Big Brother Double Eviction Night!

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