Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Leftovers Switch Target To Alyssa, But Daniel Puts It Back On Nicole

On Sunday, for the Leftovers, the plan was to have the Power of Veto used by Kyle Capener and Daniel Durston to remove Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos from the Big Brother block. However, in the early hours of Monday morning, a Leftovers meeting happened between all of the members (minus Kyle). Brittany Hoopes and Michael Bruner are a bit nervous about going into next week completely unprotected as a pair. Each member of the Leftovers currently has someone not in the Leftovers in their Festie Bestie pairs. Joseph Abdin and Monte Taylor were in the same boat as Brittany and Michael with both being in the Leftovers and both being Festie Besties, but when Terrance Higgins joined their group, it gave them a layer of security.

Big Brother 24-Daniel Durston

Michael and Brittany don’t have that same security but want it. Brittany and Michael decided to voice their concerns to the Leftovers in the late hours. This led to them wondering if maybe they should keep the nominations the same. If Alyssa went out the Big Brother 24 doors this week, this left Indy alone to pick a new group to join or maybe to break up the Joseph, Monte, and Terrance trio. Either option could work in their favor.

The Leftovers talked about a scenario where they could convince Indy to join Michael and Brittany’s pair and become a group. This gave Michael and Brittany the security that they needed to ensure both would make it further in the game. They also discussed if indy had to break up Monte, Joseph, and Terrance, she likely would pick Joseph or Monte, which still worked in The Leftovers’ favor because then Joseph and Monte would still be each paired with someone, not in The Leftovers.

However, this left Brittany and Michael still vulnerable as a pair. However, Taylor Hale also brought up the possibility that Indy could pair up with her and Nicole Layog because Indy doesn’t trust them. This would give Indy security if either of them won the Head of Household Competition. This is why Joseph suggested that they didn’t go with the plan to vote out Alyssa until after they got confirmation from Indy that she would pair with Michael and Brittany if given the chance.

Taylor Hale on Big Brother 24

The Leftovers would never get to have that conversation with Indy because of an early Veto Ceremony and lots of other game conversations. Also during The Leftovers meeting, they discussed keeping Nicole this week to try to gain trust with Daniel Durston and her because Kyle let them know that they were on to their alliance. This would let them hide their alliance, and they could try to convince Nicole that they wanted to save her because they thought Jasmine Davis, Alyssa, and Indy might vote her out.

They discussed presenting this to Daniel and Nicole before the Power of Veto Ceremony to get him to not use the Veto. They also eventually let Kyle know about the new plan. He was on board to keep nominations the same if it was best for The Leftovers. He did, however, wonder how he would present this to Alyssa, who was sure he would use the Veto to save her. It also seemed like Kyle didn’t want to lose Alyssa this week.

Before the Power of Veto Ceremony, Kyle told Daniel and Nicole that Monte wanted to talk to them. He mentioned maybe not wanting them to use the Veto. Nicole and Daniel concluded that he didn’t want them to use it because he knew they had the votes to keep Nicole over Taylor.

Big Brother 24-Nicole Layog

Nicole and Daniel also had figured out the entire Leftovers group (minus Kyle) because of their long meeting without him. They watched who went and stayed in the Head of Household room. They told all of this to Kyle. Daniel and Nicole later talked to Monte. He pitched to them about not using the Veto because he was worried that Nicole might be voted out over Taylor.

He tried to place the blame on the women not trusting Nicole and maybe voting her out. Monte slipped up at least once in the conversation because Nicole called him out on a lie. Once alone, Daniel and Nicole confirmed that they didn’t believe anything Monte told them.

Daniel, once again, talked to Kyle and told him about Nicole and his conversation with Monte. They were sure Monte lied to them and really had no interest in saving Nicole. They believed he didn’t want to risk Taylor going home. Daniel even suggested that Jasmine and Matt Turner may go on the block because Monte would be too worried about Taylor leaving the game instead of Nicole.

Monte taylor on Big Brother 24

In that scenario, Daniel wanted to save Jasmine over Turner, because she was a number for them. Daniel told Kyle how they had the votes, either way, to keep Nicole or Jasmine because they had six votes to The Leftovers’ four votes. The minute Kyle ended his conversation with Daniel, he ran to tell Monte that Daniel was using the Veto.

He told him that Daniel figured out The Leftovers members. They didn’t buy anything Monte told them. Going into this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony, Monte knew Daniel would use the Veto to probably seal the fate of his Big Brother 24 best friend Nicole.

If The Leftovers stay true to the alliance and vote out Nicole, this definitely exposes them, especially if it’s 5 to 5 with Monte casting the deciding vote. However, at this point, it wouldn’t matter because they’d definitely have the majority and a plan to keep them all safe. The only hiccup could be if Brittany and Michael go up on the block if someone on the other side wins the upcoming HOH.

Kyle Capener on Big Brother 24

Who do you want to see leave this Big Brother 24 week?

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