Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Paul Tries to Rattle Nicole

Big Brother 18 started the season fairly predictable. We had one side of the Big Brother 2016 house controlling all moves and decisions. However, the last three weeks of the season have been filled with blindsides, plans going up in flames, shifting loyalties, and major players being evicted. We began this Big Brother 2016 week as expected with Paulie Calafiore‘s eviction. Paulie did not leave the Big Brother 18 house without dropping a major bomb that caused chaos and confusion.

Big Brother 18-Nicole Franzel and Paul Abrahamian argue

By the end of Thursday night, Natalie Negrotti and James Huiling began questioning their new allies. Natalie won the Black Box Head of Household competition. Then America granted Michelle Meyer‘s the second Head of Household crown. The women decided to make a move against Paul Abrahamian. They nominated him next to his closest ally Victor Arroyo. This sent Paul immediately into combat mode.

He confronted Michelle (who nominated him) about defacing his character in the game. Apparently, she went for another big show moment by giving a memorable nomination speech. Paul argued back-and-forth with both women for awhile. Then he took a softer approach to make them see the error of their mistakes. It actually worked…for awhile.

Paul wanted to rectify their decision by winning tonight’s Veto competition. He set a plan in motion to rattle Nicole Franzel, who he blamed for his nomination. Around 12:10am PST, he began to confront Nicole about her apparent lies involving him.

Big Brother 18-Paul Abrahamian and Nicole Franzel Argue Part 2

He wanted empirical evidence proving them. Nicole became flustered and couldn’t provide proof without throwing anyone under the bus. Interestingly, Nicole’s biggest proof was the fact that he knew Da’Vonne Rodgers would be evicted on his week of Head of Household. He completely denied it during the argument.

At the start of this argument, Corey Brooks had just gotten permission to take off his patriottard costume. He tried to lighten the mood by performing a strip tease to Nicole while she argued with Paul. It was a comedy of errors.

The Paul and Nicole fight continued on for at least an hour. Paul also had a Red Alert during it and made sure to take jabs at Nicole as she tried to talk with Natalie and Michelle.

The argument lead to another memorable Big Brother 18 moment. However, it might not have done enough to save Paul from eviction this week. But the veto might help him.