Targeting Vanessa

There were also times where Vanessa could have definitely been evicted. The first time is when Becky was HOH and had both Vanessa and Shelli on the block for eviction night. A litany of unfortunate events allowed for Vanessa to remain in the house. While JJM did flip the vote to keep Vanessa over Shelli, the plan was never about saving Vanessa but rather setting up better odds for surviving the double eviction – which obviously did not work. Nevertheless, the plan was always to go after Vanessa next. But, to go after people, you actually have to WIN HOHs. With Jackie gone, John incompetent at HoH competitions, and Meg incompetent at all competitions that do not involve drinking, that only left James and Becky as the viable competitors to win HOH and target Vanessa.

becky (3)

Becky tries to get Vanessa on the block during Liz’s HoH.

Becky’s failed attempt to get the twins to target Vanessa, when Liz won the post double eviction HoH, hammered the nail in everyone else’s coffin as:

  • John ignored an opportunity to flip the vote to blindside Julia and frame Austin in order to weaken the Austwins and take them and Vanessa out. This would have allowed him to set up an end game with himself Steve, James and Meg. James and Meg were decidedly easier to beat down the road than the Austwins and Vanessa would have ever been. (And, no, Liz would not have won that HoH whilst she was busy crying hysterically over losing her twin and screaming at Austin for voting her out.)
  • Austwins voted out James over John instead of using James, who Austin had built a relationship with, to target Vanessa and Steve. This could have set up a better end game for himself and the twins as the four of them would have been in position to manipulate Steve into targeting Vanessa with his HoH.
  • Julia picked her own ally to go up against in a Power of Veto competition on the instructions of Vanessa. One glaring example of the control Vanessa has had over the twins.
  • Voted out Julia because Liz had a better chance to win the game than her. The reason they kept Liz was literally the reason they should have evicted her. Instead, they wanted it to be HARDER for them and EASIER for one of the twins to win the entire game. You know, logic.
  • Liz dropped out of Part 1 the HOH competition because Vanessa told her that she could “last another 10 hours” and that she would be “ruined” for part 2 of the HoH. Another glaring example of the control Vanessa has had over the twins.

With gameplay like this, it has been nigh impossible to actually predict the actions of the houseguests. They often have simply not made any sense. Who knew that asking John to be a Battle of the Block throwing pawn and not to use the Power of Veto on himself would be the best way to garner trust with him? For John, in his mind, his game pretty much ended with Clay’s eviction. Setting up a good end game seemed far from his mind after that.

Why vote out shields in favor of keeping people who are weaker players? Da’Vonne, Jeff and Audrey were all good shields and they all sat on the block next to weaker pawns who did nothing for the people who voted to keep them in the house.

Big Brother 17 Jury House

Why is “I just want to make jury,” even a thing? Yes, we understand that your jury stipend gets you a nice paycheck for lounging around all day watching DVDs and reading books in a nice house with free food for the summer, but is that what “playing Big Brother is supposed to mean?

Who gets famous off of Big Brother? Part of the Austwins primary goal seems to be FAME and ADORATION from the masses. What that means for “the game” is that, since vain fame hogs are notoriously bad at reading people, they are easily manipulated and judge people shallowly. It does not take much to turn them against others based on the smallest offenses. That was most evident when listening to the Austwins bash whoever was the target for the week. It is difficult not to wonder what a different cast of more mature, less easily manipulated houseguests would look like!

Ultimately, with game play like this, is there really any wonder that Vanessa made it to the end, even with how hysterically she has played?]

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