To understand why Vanessa was able to slip by each week and get way with her nonsense, we first have to look at the deck of cards cast she was given to play with and the decisions they made.

Jackie and Jeff

July 2, 2015, 6pm BBT:  Jackie Ibarra sits on the block next to Ultimate Bro Extraordinaire, Jace Agolli. It is the first live show and eviction of the season.  Jace entered the house as a high strung attention hog who wanted nothing more than to link up with other bros and run the Big Brother 17 house for the summer. Jackie entered the house as one part of an Amazing Race duo; smart enough to stay under the radar, it was an ongoing joke that she was a production member caught on camera.

In the minds of many classic Big Brother fans, any time you have a pre-existing duo in the house, you want them out of there. While Jace was annoying and over the top, the obvious move would have been to evict Jackie. Even though Jeff left a couple weeks later, Jackie and Jeff were never targeted for being a duo. If Jeff had not played as hard as he did, earning the tile of “the Male Audrey,” he would have survived that week. Crazy, right?

Audrey outing Sleeper Cell


Audrey outs Sleeper Cell to James

A potentially major turning point in the game came delivered by none other than Audrey the Raven Maven of Poo Stirring. Being the Girl Who Cried wolf ultimately screwed over more than just her game as it was easy to convince James that she was lying when she told him about Sleeper Cell.

As a refresher, Sleeper Cell was made up of Audrey, Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Austin and Liz. You know, the alliance that Meg declared did not sound “that scary” to her? Yes, the very same alliance that was comprised of people who went on to win the vast majority of the HoH competitions this summer.

Granted, it is within reason that James, Meg and Jackie would be skeptical, it was Audrey after all, but the signs of those people working together were everywhere; especially when it came to nominations. This group never nominated each other, but continuously nominated the same people from the same group of “friends.” Even after they backdoored Jason, there was lingering doubt that this alliance ever existed. Nuts, right?

Clay and Shelli

Another duo not targeted for being a showmance is Clelli. The only reason they became targets is because they turned on a third of the house. There was rarely a time where a discussion was had that the two being together would be a problem down the road as it is difficult to break up showmances and they will always vote together. If it was not for Clay and Shelli’s own poor decision making, they would have survived a few more weeks and BOTH would have made it into jury. Bananas, right? 

Saving Austin

It never made sense to keep Austin once the plan to evict him was so widely known and solidified. They lost 4 people to save 1. Basic mathematics should have told Clelli that this was a bad move, but you know… paranoia. Besides, math in the Big Brother house is a foreign exchange student that only speaks Mandarin. Oftentimes, people did not check their numbers to see if their decision made sense long term. Clelli also did not get that them flipping would be more detrimental to their games than Vanessa’s because JJM (James, Jackie and Meg) trusted them most and they were a big part of the reason they trusted Vanessa. The bigger the betrayal, the bigger the target you become.

The Twins

 Big Brother 17 Twins (CBS)

Big Brother 17 Twins (CBS) 

Another nonsensical choice was the desire to see the twins in the house. Once Da’Vonne clued the house in on the existence of twins IN WEEK TWO, they should have been the next on the chopping block (thus saving live feeders’ weeks of auditory agony in surround sound). But, not only did no one try to get the twins targeted for eviction, they actually, excitedlyEXCITEDLY!!! – declared that they WANTED to see both twins in the house. Huh? Why? Do you even know why you are there???

It only made sense for the twins’ allies to have them there as numbers. And even then, that was only a good short term plan for Clelli as the twins were always going to pick Vanessa and Austin over them; which they should have seen based on the fact that Vanessa, Austin and Liz were an obvious trio from week one. 4 vs 2 puts them on the losing end. More shùxué!

Sidebar: Is there something in between fraternal and identical twins? Because clearly, that is what JuLiz is. 

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