Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Huge Vote Flip Leads to Shocking Eviction, Major Alliance Split

7-10-2013 07-05-28 PMCrazy Big Brother 2013 spoilers happened late last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds that turned the whole game on its head! If you were tucked happily into bed when it all went down, we have to tell you — you missed a hell of an exciting evening/early morning inside the Big Brother 15 house. A major player totally flipped the whole vote by deciding to break with their alliance and join with the enemy, which ended up meaning that we were in for a SHOCKING eviction this week!

As you might guess, the following post contains super top secret Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother Live Feeds and Thursday night’s live eviction. So let us warn you right now that if you don’t want to know what happened last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds, now is your chance to flee immediately! Otherwise, keep on reading for amazing Big Brother 15 spoilers that upended the entire house and made for an awesomely fun night on CBS!

Around 5:00 PM BBT, Amanda told Nick that she and McCrae were not going to vote against him, which was exactly what The Moving Company (which includes Nick and McCrae) planned. However, Amanda was lying through her teeth and has been working McCrae to flip his vote to get out Nick rather than Elissa.

A bit later, around 6:50 PM BBT, McCrae told Andy and Amanda that he would vote to evict Nick if they could guarantee Jessie is voting against him too. The big reason it appeared McCrae might actually be telling the truth is that he is a self-declared “superfan” and making a huge game play move like this made him incredibly excited and worked up. Everyone (add Candice to this) continued to tell the other HGs, including Howard for the time being, that they are all voting to keep Nick.

Late last night around 10:40 PM BBT, Amanda and McCrae shacked up in the Head of Household room to talk some more serious game. During this conversation, McCrae committed once again to betraying the powerful Moving Company alliance and flipping his vote. McCrae told Amanda he would support her by voting to keep Elissa and evict Nick if she could guarantee him that Jessie was 100 percent voting to keep Elissa. This is, of course, the exact opposite plan worked up by his MC alliance.

7-11-2013 07-11-53 AMMcCrae: “I’m still a little worried, but at this point, I don’t give a f**k, I’m so ready to do this… this is going to be f**king fun, they are all gonna go f**king nuts… this is going to be the most f**king funniest thing ever… but this is going to be blood on my hands… night night motherf**kers.”

With McCrae’s vote, the Elissa supporters ended up with enough votes to actually get Nick evicted, rather than Elissa. After McCrae went over and the pressure heated up all around, Spencer ended up flipping his vote to. Howard, however, did not… despite telling McCrae and the other Elissa supporters that he absolutely would vote against Nick right up until the eviction.

Looks like McCrae will still be getting lots of snuggle time with Amanda, as long as she believes it wasn’t him who made it a 7 to 4 vote, rather than an 8 to 3 vote. That should make Amanda’s dad, Robert Zuckerman, happy, since he posted this on Twitter early Thursday morning:


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