Who got evicted on Big Brother tonight? We’ll have to wait until the very last minute to find out! What happens on the CBS live show this evening is going to epic no matter how exactly it all goes down. The Big Brother 2013 cast is split almost equally down the middle and both sides are convinced they have the votes to get their chosen nominee booted from the house. The votes are so close to call, we still can’t be totally certain from our BB15 Live Feed spoilers who got voted off Big Brother 15 this week!

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Our prediction going into the live CBS show tonight currently leans toward Nick being the victim of a severe blindside eviction. However, all it would take is one or two sudden changes in direction to flip the whole house right back over to voting out Elissa instead. If that should happen, she’ll be the one getting blindsided since her supporters are also convinced they have the numbers behind them! Whether it is Elissa or Nick who was eliminated on Big Brother tonight when the votes are announced, half the house is going to be totally freaked out and questioning all their alliances!

The problem is that we still aren’t 100 percent certain if McCae is telling Amanda the truth about his vote. Plus, we think we know what Spencer and Howard are doing at this point, but they could still switch their allegiance or they could be lying to the “allies” we think they are supporting… it’s all really still up in the air until the final votes are counted. Whatever the end result is, it’s going to be a crazy fun night inside the Big Brother 15 house. We can’t wait to see which HouseGuests are about to get the shock of their lives tonight.

Join us right here, on this very page, for our live Big Brother recap starting promptly at 9 PM ET. We’ll bring you all the action as it happens and the final voting results for who was voted off Big Brother tonight as soon as they are announced. Stay tuned!

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And here we go! We love that host Julie Chen calls Aaryn the “Mean Girl” when she introduces the three eviction nominees for the night. The other two are, of course, Elissa (Rachel Reilly’s sister) and Nick (the so-called superfan). After the intro from Julie, we have a brief review of the game play in week 2 so far leading up t o the eviction tonight.

We kick off the action with the results of the Veto Ceremony after Jeremy won the Power of Veto. He takes himself off the block, of course, which means that Elissa’s (not so) secret MVP renom Nick is now up for eviction. As it stands right now, Nick and his allies are very confident that Elissa will be going home.

On the other side of the house, however, the girls are working it hard to save Elissa and get Nick out of the house. Candice, Helen and Elissa scheme about who they can get to put their votes behind a plan to evict nick. Helen is very suspicious of Spencer and which side of the house he is really with.

Helen tells Andy that if Nick doesn’t go home, they cannot win this game with him still in the house. She says they may never get the chance to get him out again. Andy is really paranoid and worried that Nick’s allies will come after him. Helen says no, they will still go after Elissa, not him. Andy is on board with the plan to vote to save Elissa.

7-11-2013 06-10-52 PMHelen tells Jessie that they will protect her and keep her safe if she goes over with them to vote out Nick. She promises Jessie that they will get MVP and they can promise her a lot more than Jeremy’s lot can. Jessie says she is on board and then sneakily skips away down the hall.

Howard talks to Nick about McCrae’s biggest weakness, Amanda. They think she is trouble and is a serious problem for their Moving Company alliance going forward. Spencer says they can’t trust McCrae because of her and they need to sit down with him and talk to him.

Spencer and Howard confront McCrae about Amanda. He says they really need to trust him and leave it alone. McCrae says in the Diary Room that he is trying to keep them off Amanda because she’s his closest ally in the house.

McCrae and Elissa talk and he just doesn’t know what to do. She is pushing to evict Nick but he is supposed to be voting to evict Elissa with his alliance. He says in the Diary Room that he either loses his alliance or Amanda, he can’t have it both ways.

Before we cut to commercial, Julie Chen says some of the HouseGuests tell Aaryn she’s being racist and we’re going to see it. We’d like to see CBS show that Aaryn isn’t the only offensive HG guilty of racist, homophobic and misogynistic comments in the house.

Back from commercial and it is time for Julie to talk to the HouseGuests. She says that Jeremy didn’t seem nervous when he was nominated for eviction. He says he is there to compete and he was ready. Next up she starts talking about the showmances going on in the house… and those people who want to be in showmances. She asks Jessie why she thinks love is running rampant in the house. Jessie says when you are locked in like this, it is good to have a companion to share things with. Jessie says she is “just friends” with Judd, btw. While snuggling up to him on the couch.

Julie asks Amanda if there is ever a time when you forget when the camera is on you all the time. She says that yes, she forgets all the time that there are cameras. Aaryn says she never forgets, she is just a very open person and American knows all about her now. Julie says with a snarky voice: “Yes, we all do.”

Closing the feed to the HouseGuests, Julie talks about how some of the Big Brother HouseGuests have been making racist remarks and they have no idea the profound effect it has had on their lives outside the house, but they are learning the effect it is having in the house.

We have a montage of clips about Aaryn making “joking” racist comments again. A lot about the whole thing with the black fish being at the bottom of the tank where they belong and such. A lot of the HGs talk about being uncomfortable with Aaryn’s constant comments.

Amanda confronts Aaryn about how people are taking her comments wrong, like Howard and Candice. Aaryn says that thinking she is a racist is totally obnoxious and “the biggest joke.” She says “they call me Barbie and make jokes about me being blond all the time, what’s the difference.” She says she doesn’t really care at all about this. Amanda says in the Diary Room that Aaryn’s lack of remorse over her comments really shows her character.

Now it’s time for the live votes and the final pleas from the eviction nominees. She says she wanted to come in and play without the stigma of being Rachel Reilly’s sister. She gives a shout out to all her supporters back home and says they need to vote out Nick, who is the bigger threat, not just “Rachel Reilly’s sister.”

Nick gives a shout to a bunch of HouseGuests to all his buddies in the house and… that’s about it.

Helen says she is a huge Big Brother fan and that she could never have campaigned against Elissa and Nick. She knows she isn’t getting evicted, so she keeps it short.

And now we have the votes!

Jeremy: Vote to evict Elissa
Kaitlin: Vote to evict Elissa
Andy: Vote to evict Nick
GinaMarie: Vote to evict Elissa
Judd: Vote to evict Nick
Spencer: Vote to evict Nick
Jessie: Vote to evict Nick
Howard: Vote to evict Elissa
McCrae: Vote to evict Nick
Amanda: Vote to evict Nick
Candice: Vote to evict Nick

Nick has been evicted by a vote of 7 to 4! And The Moving Company is now pretty much dead.

Back from commercial and Julie Chen announces the results that Nick has been evicted. GinaMarie is horribly upset and bawling against Nick’s neck. She keeps crying as he leaves, not stopping to hug or say goodbye to anyone else. Jeremy is pacing around with “beast mode” angry face. Everyone is standing around not knowing what to do with GinaMarie crying all over the place. She and Aaryn walk off into the back while Jeremy looks like he is going to punch people. Nick’s photo fades to black and white on the memory wall.

Outside, Nick tells Julie that he thinks that Spencer flipped on him and voted against him and worked against him. He says he thinks Spencer had all the power. She wants to know why he thinks Spencer is ruling the house and he says that everyone trust Spencer so he can manipulate people. Julie reveals the actual votes to Nick, so he won’t be going back into the house. She also says GinaMarie is probably curled up in a corner crying right now (yes, yes she is).

And now we have the goodbye messages. McCraw says he had to turn his back on the Moving Company for the good of his own game. Jeremy says there is no way Nick should be out and he can’t stand being in the house another week with “this fembot.” Elissa says very little. Helen says she played a heavy hand in his eviction and she had to get him out. GinaMarie says she cares so much about him and she’ll see him soon. Julie says he should have kissed Jessie and maybe she would have given him a vote.

Voting is now open for the next Big Brother Most Valuable Player at CBS.com.

Now we get a glimpse of the HouseGuests being woken up all night long to look at clues in the backyard  at some kind of weird conveyor belt setup with items going around and around on it. They know they are going to have to memorize and study it all to win the Head of Household Competition.

Head of Household Competition: “Overnight Delivery”

The HouseGuests have to answer true or false questions about all the packages/objects that went around on the belt last night.

Question 1: Judd and Jeremy give the wrong answer and are out.
Question 2: GinaMarie, Andy, Amanda, Elissa and Spencer are all out.
Question 3: Candice is out.
Question 4: No one is out.
Question 5: No one is out.
Question 6: No one is out.
Question 7 (tie-breaker): Down to Helen, Kaitlin, Howard, Jessie and McCrae. The closest person to the number wins and it is… a tie. McCrae is out.
Question 8 (second tie-breaker): Helen gets it right!

Helen is the new Head of Household!

That’s a wrap for tonight! Join us on Sunday for our next Big Brother recap and keep visiting all week long for all the latest Big Brother spoilers, news, gossip and more!


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