Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Week 12 – The Final Four!

This is it! Our next to last Big Brother 18 Power Rankings report is out with only a week to go before the big finale! Who do we think is looking the best in the game before we enter into the final Head of Household Competition? And which houseguest is most likely not going to be making that Final Three?

Big Brother 18 Final Four (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Final Four (CBS)

On Big Brother last night, we said goodbye to houseguest Victor Arroyo for the third (and final!) time as a competitor on season 18. Victor was just far too dangerous to keep in the house a second longer, especially after he managed to battle his way back into the house twice already! Let’s face it, if Victor had made it to the final two, it would have been extremely difficult for any of the others to sway the Jury to pick anyone else to win.

Victor ended up getting sent to the Jury this week because he was also major threat to win competitions in the final Head of Household battle. He still might have made it to the Final Four, or maybe even the Final Three, however, if he had sent James home over Natalie last week — because Corey and Nicole might have tried to take her out before him. But as outgoing Head of Household, Victor would likely have needed the Power of Veto to keep him safe regardless. Unfortunately for Victor, he didn’t win it, so he was voted out.

Moving on now to our Final Four Power Rankings going into the next eviction episode on Wednesday night!

4. Corey Brooks – Corey’s played a decent game and getting out Victor would earn him points with the jury, that’s one of several good reasons to want him gone. Corey’s also in a bad spot because he was outgoing HOH during one of the most important Head of Household Competitions of the season. If he doesn’t win Power of Veto, it’s very likely he will not be making the Final Three.

3. James Huling – James is here because he’s virtually guaranteed a spot in the Final Three because everyone thinks they can beat him in the Final Two. James problem is that he can’t seem to win anything outside of endurance, and like Nicole he has a social game problem. James should want to sit next to Nicole because it gives him the best chance at pulling off a victory. Although, even against Nicole, it would be quite difficult to argue he played the better game.

2. Paul Abrahamian – Paul managed to win Head of Household and saved his butt big time with a guaranteed spot in the Final Three. However, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Paul from here on out because there is no way any of the other houseguests want him to end up in the Final Two with of them. If he can battle his way through to the Jury vote, however, he’s practically guaranteed to win over any of the other remaining players.

1. Nicole Franzel – Nicole has found a way to stay off the block and win competitions when convenient for her game. At this point, I think it’s her game to lose and even though her social game is not good. I think she can earn respect with many of the Jury members IF she can make it to the Final Two with James instead of Paul. If she lands in front of the Jury against Paul, we’re not sure if her game can stand up to his, although she did manage to ride a showmance all the way to the end — and that’s not easy.

* With additions and updates by the editor.

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