Big Brother After Dark Recap 6/28/2016

There is trouble brewing for two of the major alliances in the house in our Big Brother After Dark recap from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Could the tension springing up between alliance members disrupt their plans for the live eviction on Thursday night?

Big Brother After Dark

Source: CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

These recaps contain Big Brother spoilers that have not yet aired on the CBS TV show, but also offer an insight into different live camera feeds to let you know what’s going on in the house.  For more information on the Big Brother After Dark schedule, please click here.

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Da’Vonne Rogers and Frank Eudy find themselves in the backyard talking about the future of their alliance.  They are in an alliance known as the Eight Pack along with Nicole Franzel, James Huling, Zakiyah Everette, Corey Brooks, Tiffany Rousso and Michelle Meyers.  Tiffany has been getting on their nerves and seems to require babysitting.  They feel she is playing just like her sister, Vanessa Rousso from Big Brother 17, who was on an emotional roller-coaster the entire time.  They also feel that Tiffany may be feeling the pressure to be as good as her sister, who took 3rd place.

The alliance members who are present outside further talk about Michelle.  For some unknown reason, she told Jozea Flores that the vote was going to be 4-7 in the direction of evicting Paulie Calafiore.  Prior to this conversation, Jozea thought all of the votes would go to Paulie with the exception of maybe one eviction vote going for Bridgette Dunning.

Jozea is thinking Paulie will have 10-11 votes to evict him.  Jozea started asking Michelle where 4-7 came from (this will likely be the vote tally on Thursday in favor of keeping Paulie) and she simply said it’s what she heard from the house.  Jozea was talking to Da’Vonne later on and it sound like he still thinks he has pretty much the whole house.  He says that the house loves him and Bridgette.

Big Brother After Dark

Frank said that they don’t really need such a large alliance of eight members after this week and they made need to make cuts.   If they cut players, it will be Tiffany and Michelle because they are on a “need to know” basis currently.  They would probably get rid of Michelle first since the other side of the house seems to be gunning for Tiffany and she would be a bigger threat.  If Da’Vonne and Zakiyah have these opinions about Tiffany and Michelle, then the Fatal Five alliance also sounds like it is in trouble.  This alliance consists of Nicole, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah, Michelle and Tiffany.

Jozea talks to Da’Vonne about his future Head of Household desires including selecting candies for nominees or having people volunteer.  He wants there to be a fair battle between everyone once they get their targets out.  Da’Vonne keeps playing into him by saying she agrees with this and likes it.  As far as we know, Da’Vonne is going to vote to evict Jozea from the house.  He is still thinking he has no chance of going home on Thursday and hopes there is no trickery and people don’t mess up.

The houseguests ended up getting alcohol again tonight, but nothing too crazy happened.  About half of the house was drinking a game of “Never have I ever” started in the kitchen.  Once they were done with this game, they started to make rhyming raps about each other.   In possible a tipsy conversation, Nicole and Frank make a final two deal.

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