Big Brother 19-8/30/17-Recap: Has Paul Finally Lost Control Of His Minions?

Inside the Big Brother 19 house, Paul Abrahamiam has been in complete control for nine weeks. He has made all the important decisions about the Big Brother nominees and evictions. Paul did all of this even when he wasn’t in a power position.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Paul seemed unstoppable, but have the tides finally turned in the Big Brother 19 house?  Is there someone else stepping up and making decisions against Paul’s wishes?

We pick up after Jason Dent, the current HOH, names Matt Clines and Raven Walton as nominees. They were both instructed by Jason that they were simply pawns for the week. The master plan was to backdoor Kevin Schlehuber, and either Matt or Raven were to be pulled off the block with the POV.

Kevin would then hit the block as the replacement nominee. The group told Maven that Kevin would be voted out and go to the jury house, but that wasn’t the truth.

All season long, Jason and Kevin have always had a close bond. Consequently, this has made the majority of the house a bit apprehensive. They discussed, behind Jason’s back, voting out Kevin this week instead of Maven.

Alex Ow, in particular, is not a fan of Kevin. She feels as though he is very mean to the houseguests and a bully.  Alex is not afraid to tell Jason exactly how she feels about Kevin, and it’s not pretty.

Big Brother 19 Best Buddies

The POV competition this week was titled ‘Hide and Go Veto.’ This is the annual comp where the houseguests get to trash the house while attempting to search for hidden POV cards. The houseguests competing in this Power of Veto competition are Jason, Matt, Raven, Kevin, Paul, and Josh Martinez.

The premise is simple: Each houseguest has three minutes inside the house to hide their player card  in a spot where they believe no other houseguest will find it. Then the houseguests will each take three minute turns inside the house looking for a player’s card. Once they find a card, they come back out to the backyard or when three minutes have elapsed. This continues until five of the players’ cards have been found. The last person to have their POV card found, wins this week’s competition.

Although the house wasn’t trashed as badly as when James Huling threw breakfast cereal and other foods all over the kitchen, the houseguests did a pretty good job on wrecking havoc inside the Big Brother house. This was all to Kevin’s dismay, who may have never seen a Big Brother episode of this competition in the past. We know he didn’t know who Nicole Franzel was during the first episode.

Here is the breakdown of who found whose player card and in what order:

  1. Jason found Josh’s card hidden in the freezer drawer.
  2. Raven found Matt’s card hidden in a couch arm.
  3. Raven found Kevin’s card hidden inside a pillow in the bedroom.
  4. Matt found Paul’s card hidden inside this clothes hanging in the closet.
  5. Jason found Raven’s card hidden inside a large cushion in the bedroom.

Jason’s player card was never found which was hidden in the couch cushion of the large blue sofa in the living room. This win has given Jason all of the power in the house this week, because he holds the HOH and Pov title.

Big Brother 19 Hide or Go Veto

Jason approached Kevin with the possibility of putting Kevin on the block as a pawn as a renomination this week.  Jason told us in the diary room that he simply wanted to see if Kevin would be comfortable with the idea. Kevin was not comfortable at all, and Jason was honestly a little surprised.

After Jason’s talk with Kevin, he relayed the information to Alex and Paul. Jason shared that he was considering keeping the nominations the same this week and bailing on the plan to pretend to backdoor Kevin. Alex and Paul tried to convince Jason this was not a good idea, and perhaps they tried to convince him too hard. Jason noticed the way they looked at each other when he told them his plans.  He suspected they were intending to flip the vote on him and evict Kevin this week instead of Maven.

Christmas, Alex, and Paul went back to convince Jason he was making a mistake. If he left the nominations the same, Maven will know one of them is going to the jury house this week. Hence, Jason will be upsetting two jury votes, whereas if he puts Kevin on the block, only Kevin will be upset with him. Jason tells the group he will take it under advisement.

Fast forward to the POV ceremony. Jason tells the Big Brother house that he has decided to NOT use the POV this week. This means he will be leaving Matt and Raven on the block for eviction. Kevin is obviously please with the results, but Maven is not.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

That fallout should be coming tomorrow before the live eviction vote.

Stay tuned.

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