Big Brother 18 Comic Book Covers: Best and Worst!

As a person who gets joy from poking fun at other people, and a huge comic book nerd… I am a huge fan of the Big Brother Comic Book Veto Competition. As per usual, the creative minds behind these works of art did not disappoint for season 18.

Big Brother 18 Comic Book Covers (CBS)
Big Brother 18 Comic Book Covers (CBS)

There has been a lot of discussion about this year’s Big Brother 18 Comic Book covers of the various houseguests, especially over the rather unflattering portrayal of self-titled “superfan” Michelle Meyer. So we thought it would be entertaining to give our impressions on the best and worst of the ultimate houseguest memorabilia, the Big Brother Comic Book covers!


Michelle Meyer

I giggled for a solid 42 seconds at this one. Does Big Meech change clothes 48 times in a thirty-minute span of time too? I hope she has someone to cover her big baby self in sunscreen. The sunburns Michelle got this summer would be detrimental to any baby. The only thing that would’ve made it better was if she was stepping on snakes with her giant feet. Or chewing on a plastic hanger. Teething babies need their oral chews ya know?


Bridgette Dunning

Would you rather be chased by a zombie, or a giant cabbage with the voice of Bridgette coming at you? Give me a zombie any day. NEXT!


Bronte D’Acquisto

SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT 9×9 WAS! Unfortunately, I am not Elza, and will not be letting that go. Ever. But I will accept her alter ego being The Mathematician because I’m still thankful she wasn’t in the house long enough for the creative types to think of anything else. Also her head is not proportional to her body. It’s freaking me out.


Corey Brooks

It took me a minute to get what they were going for here. I’m tired. Judge me. Once I did catch up to the world, I started over-analyzing the whole thing. And there’s a lot to take in. Why is Nicole completely turned around? I’m betting someone just wanted to draw a booty. Does Corey even understand the costume she’s wearing? Why does Missile Toe have skeletal arms? How does Missile Toe not get frostbite on his feet? Does Nicole actually have hands in this? It legit looks like her arms morph into a sausage and beer stein. Why am I still looking at this one?

Side note: Corey crushed the MacGyver competition. Then couldn’t figure out how to climb up the wall in this comp. But that’s none of my business.


Da’Vonne Rogers

It’s simple and effective. Very much the opposite of Da’Vonne. I do wish they had used one of her many catch phrases on her cover, but this works.


Frank Eudy

Did they actually look at a picture of Frank, or were they just eating lunch at McDonalds when inspiration struck? It’s awfully suspicious that his colors are that of Grimace, and his face is a dead ringer for Ronald McDonald. I’m on to you, Big Brother cartoonists.


Glenn Garcia

We did not know Glenn very long. But this seems to be very representative.


James Huling

Can someone inform me why James was promoted to Colonel? If we’re judging off his performance this season, bad guys don’t have much to be wary of. He wanted to throw his game away for a damsel in distress (or something like that). Would Colonel Camo hide in a trashcan like Oscar the Grouch? It would be a terribly tight fit with that giant upper half. I bet his legs get tired carrying that around.


Jozea Flores

I need to give them a round of applause for this one. Hot Mess-iah is fantastic. He looks like he walked right out of ‘The Prince of Egypt’ animated movie. Hoping no thunderbolts rained down on them for this though. Just talking scenarios…


Natalie Negrotti

Umm. Why does Natalie look more like one of the Reilly sisters? I genuinely have no other words for this one because I can’t get past that fact. Sorry.


Paulie Calafiore

But like. Paulie was a giant diva about the pie baking fandango. So why is he A-Pie-Calypse? Was Less Hot Version of Cody not a thing? Turd Ferguson? I could keep going…


Tiffany Rousso

Big fan of this one. Very fitting. Plus, she comes with her own theme song. I hope she never has a case of the runs though… That looks like a real pain in the Eudy’s Booty to get out of. And she doesn’t really have hands to take care of her business down yonder. Maybe it’s like an Inspector Gadget type deal where she can switch between wrecking balls and real hands?


Zakiyah Everette

I understand why they made her the Hottie. I just hate that that’s what she is known for. She had so much potential in this game, but she fell in the showmance hole. Hoping this big jury house blow up has to do with her spitting fire.


Paul Abrahamian

The lack of friendship on this one is absolutely appalling! Though one must wonder how long it took for them to decide on Paul’s cover. Let’s be honest… They had a lot of options. Motormouth is very fitting. Remember that week when all he did was bake muffins? A Muffin Man cover would’ve been entertaining. I was personally hoping for a Secret Service cover. Mainly because I wanted a Pablo memorial. May he rest in peace.


Victor Arroyo

I’m a little butt hurt that they didn’t roll with the Jon Snow similarities. Also. Out of all of Victor’s nicknames they went with El Fit Vic. Insert eye roll here. Is El Fit Vic the poster boy for Fit Bit? I’m also reminded of Edna Mode from ‘The Incredible’. NO CAPES! Though you could do your laundry on the abs of El Fit Vic. And I support that.


Nicole Franzel

If I don’t have a nightmare about her face, I will be eternally grateful to the Big Brother gods. Does Nicole have those super defined muscles in real life? I don’t really see how she would since she’s basically been a cuddle puddle for a vast majority of her stint in the house. Other than the freakish face, I’m a fan of this cover. It’s too bad the artists didn’t think to make Hayden and Corey the bad guys stuck in the cones. She would’ve been so mad (please say mad in your best nasally Nicole voice).


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