Every year, the America’s Favorite Player competition brings out the competitive side of Big Brother fans. Fandoms vote to the very last moment to ensure that their favorite wins the AFP crown.


This year is no different. Big Brother 18 fans have already started arguing why their favorite deserves the $25,000. Based on Big Brother 2016 Twitter hashtags and polls, it seems like Nicole Franzel, Natalie Negrotti, James Huling, Paul Abrahamian, and Victor Arroyo are the players most likely to win the America’s Favorite Player prize.


Nicole Franzel

In Big Brother 16 , Nicole placed in the top three finalist for America’s Favorite Player. People adored her quirky, good girl, Midwestern charm. They admired her innocence and honesty, even if it cost her the game.

Big Brother 18 has shown fans a different side to Nicole, and many do not like it. Nicole’s most loyal fans remain loyal but she’s nowhere near as popular as she was on Big Brother 16.  The lack of massive support  lessens her odds of winning it this year. However, she still has enough support that she could still slither her way to the America’s Favorite Player prize.


Paul Abrahamian

Production clearly loves Paul, because he adds a light entertainment that this season lacks. Production will have Paul back for a return run on Big Brother. However, it took awhile for viewers to completely embrace Paul.

Early on, casual and feed watchers labeled Paul a loud mouth, who spewed nonsensical sayings far too often. However, when he broke ties with Paulie Calafiore, and fully committed to his bromance with Victor, his stock rose.

Despite the new warm feelings for Paul, we still don’t know if he has enough love from the casual viewers to make a dent in the America’s Favorite Player voting. He didn’t win any of America’s Care Packages, which might be an indication that he’s popular with feed watchers, but not casual fans.


Natalie Negrotti

Prior to two weeks ago, Natalie seemed like she would win America’s Favorite Player, even more so than James. She seemed like a sweetheart, had a likable showmance, and showed more game prowess many than other Big Brother 18 players.

Then CBS murdered her with the edit of her last week in the house. To some, she came off as a manipulative girl who used James in the game. America’s final image of Natalie (minus juror footage and eviction) might make her lose many of the casual viewers who once supported her.


Victor Arroyo

Victor wasn’t very popular at the start of Big Brother 18. He remained unpopular even after he returned during the Battle Back competition. It wasn’t until he nominated Paulie that fans started to see a different side to Victor.

He won more viewers admiration and respect when he won his way back into the house a second time, and when CBS did a segment with his family.

It showed his humble beginnings. However, like Paul, we still don’t have a  very clear picture of casual viewer’s opinion on Victor. He has definitely won a lot more people over, but maybe not enough to beat some of the other players for the AFP prize.


James Huling

It’s hard to see a scenario where James doesn’t win America’s Favorite Player (except if he makes it to the final 2 and therefore ineligible). He has the casual viewers completely on his side.

The only thing that could hurt James’ chance of winning AFP is if enough feed watchers endorse a certain player plus enough casual ones favor other people. But right now, America’s Favorite Player prize seems like James’s to lose.

Who do you think should win AFP? Cast your vote in our poll below and tell us what you think!

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