Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Will Corey Use His BB Bribe?

America granted Corey Brooks the final Big Brother 2016 America’s Care Package. This week’s package contained the “BB Bribe.” Corey can use $5,000 to bribe one person to make a game decision that benefits his Big Brother 18 game. Big Brother‘s Care Package rules stated that the bribe would is valid from this week’s nominations until next week’s Head of Household competition.

BB18-Corey and Nicole Bribe

Corey’s Care Package win shocked many viewers and houseguests. On Thursday, Nicole Franzel became the Head of Household. She controls all nominations. Therefore, this week’s game was already in Corey’s favor. Nicole will only make moves that benefit Corey and her game.

Only Victor Arroyo, Paul Abrahamian, and Corey were eligible for the Care Package this week, so there is a chance that Paul and Victor’s fans split the vote, which allowed Corey to get the majority of the votes.

On Saturday, Nicole also won this week’s Power of Veto competition. Once again, this eliminates the need for Corey to use the bribe to ensure that the veto does not get used. Of course, Nicole planned to keep her nominees the same.

Around 7:21 BBT on 8/28, Corey and Nicole began discussing their worries that Victor would betray them, and then vote out Paul instead of Michelle Meyer. This fear seems very misguided considering how close Paul and Victor are as friends and allies. It also seems far fetched to worry about Victor betraying them by keeping Michelle, because Natalie Negrotti, James Huling, and Michelle all had a hand in his latest eviction.

While discussing their fears about Victor’s potential betrayal, Corey suggested that he could use the bribe to ensure that Victor votes out Michelle. This plan for the bribe seems like a waste, but Corey and Nicole continued to discuss the bribe Victor plan.

They decided that they could give Victor the money to help him out financially, and stolidly their trust in him. The bribe represents their trust and commitment to the Victor and Paul final four. It is not a bad idea to use the bribe to further their bond with Victor and Paul. However, Corey and Nicole just need to make sure they present it to him in a way that shows their complete trust in him.

If Victor sees this bribe as A proof of their mistrust towards him, he might be swayed to at least going after one of them after getting James out the Big Brother 2016 house.

Nicole and Corey haven’t decided yet when to present Victor with the money, but it should occur on the feeds sometime between tonight and Thursday morning. Keep it here at Big Brother Access to find out how this bribe plan develops.

Do you think Nicole and Corey are using the BB Bribe wisely this week?


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