Big Brother 15 Week 9 Tuesday Highlights (14)We spotted an odd bit of Twitter gossip last night about a rumor that Big Brother 15 cast member Amanda Zuckerman would be getting kicked off the show during Thursday night’s live eviction. Is there any truth to this alleged claim that CBS has decided to throw Amanda off the show? And if so, why didn’t they just remove her immediately when she did whatever was so offensive to get herself kicked off, like they removed Willie Hantz last season when he got too rough with another HouseGuest?

The rumor of Amanda Zuckerman leaving Big Brother on Thursday was allegedly started by a Facebook poster going by the name Stephen Fox (we found it on Twitter though). Mr. Fox reportedly stated that Amanda was going to be removed from the show because of her behavior on the show. This rumor apparently first sprung up on Facebook and Twitter during the aftermath of Amanda’s endless harassment and verbal abuse of Head of Household Elissa Slater on Sunday and Monday.

BStWWv8CQAAUDSmHere’s the exact message Mr. Fox is alleged to have posted:

“Just found out that Amanda’s leaving on the next live show. She’s been told if she say anything negative to anyone before the live show she won’t be able to apologize on national tv in order to save face.”

In response to a supposed comment made to this statement, Mr. Fox added, “She wouldn’t cooperate with the producers. They either had to kick her out now with no comments or let her go this way. He says bcuz she got to talk to her parents to help make her decision and they told her about all of the hatred and negativity which affected her job. She isn’t even allowed to disclose the information or settlement with anyone once she leaves. She supposedly got a pretty nice settlement.”

Mr. Fox does not specify who the mysterious “He” is that allegedly fed him this information but continues that Amanda’s “lawyers were involved” and that she “spoke to her mother is why I believe she’s trying to show a different side of her. But personally I’m sure it’s too late.”

You can see the alleged posts and responses in the photo to the right. (This photo was passed around on Twitter, it is not a screenshot of the actual thread.)

Now, there are several interesting things about this alleged claim Amanda is being kicked off Big Brother 15. First, we would be SHOCKED if CBS were to actually remove Amanda from the house for acting far less cruel toward another player than we’ve seen other people do in previous seasons. (Take Evel Dick for example.) If they didn’t evict Aaryn or GinaMarie for all the racist-tinged Candice bashing earlier this season, they aren’t going to evict Amanda.

*Secondly, although Mr. Stephen Fox has seemingly been located at last (there are still some question as to the authenticity of his alleged account and whether it is his real name), we have no proof that he has any actual insider information about the show. In addition, he has at least one post on his Facebook page that talks about a video he likes as “the best prank I’ve ever seen,” which is a big red flag clue to us. He was probably hoping he’d pull off the next “best prank” with his alleged Big Brother spoiler. While we have finally been able to locate the original post Mr. Fox made in on Facebook spoilers page, thanks to assistance from our fans here at BBA (shout out Christi and Keri!), it doesn’t give us any believable additional evidence there is any truth to this rumor.

Lastly, no way would CBS give a “settlement” to someone they kicked off the show for violating the rules or their contract. And that is the ONLY way someone would get booted from the show, period. CBS has iron-clad contracts with all reality show contestants that cover every single situation in the book to their benefit. They aren’t about to be paying out cash to throw someone off their own show if they feel the need to do so.

Try again Mr. Fox, this time with a better prank!

*Updated to reflect newly acquired information. Thanks to our readers!


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