We’ve been hoping and waiting for this all season! On Big Brother tonight, Zingbot will finally be making a special appearance. We’re hoping for some fun (but hopefully slightly nasty) commentary for the Big Brother 2013 HouseGuests that have been driving us crazy all season long. We think Amanda Zuckerman and Aaryn Gries especially need some Zingbot snark headed their way. Join us for our live Big Brother 15 recap and find out what the Zingbot has to say about possibly the most offensive and most disgusting cast ever!

Big Brother zingbot

Tonight on Big Brother 15, viewers will also learn who won the Power of Veto and find out who will be the final two players facing eviction this week. We’re still mourning Head of Household Elissa Slater’s decision not to put showmance couple McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman on the block together. We can’t help but think that after all the abuse Elissa has dealt with at Amanda’s hands this week, she is probably regretting that choice a bit herself.

If you just can’t wait to find out who won the Power of Veto on Big Brother tonight, you can skip ahead and read up our spoilers on the PoV Competition here and the PoV Ceremony results here. Otherwise, just stay tuned right here, on this very page, for our live Big Brother recap of the week 9 Veto show starting at 8PM ET!

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We kick off tonight’s show with a mini-recap of the events leading up to tonight’s episode and the Veto Competition and Veto Ceremony tonight. Then it’s on to the show!

Amanda wants confirmation from Elissa that she won’t go up on the block if Aaryn wins the Power of Veto. Elissa pretty much avoids the question and blows it off but trying to make it sound like she wouldn’t Amanda tells Aaryn what Elissa said but that she thinks she is lying.

8-28-2013 05-09-32 PMElissa, in fact, is thinking about the idea of backdooring Amanda. She takes this idea to Judd and he’s excited about the prospect of getting his hands dirty after only a week back in the house. Elissa then approaches Aaryn and says no one would suspect them working together. Aaryn says she is on board and swears she won’t tell anyone.

It’s time for the Veto Competition player selection. Head of Household Elissa picks Amanda randomly out of the bag to play for Veto. McCrae randomly selects GinaMarie. Aaryn gets HouseGuest’s choice and she picks Judd to play. Amanda is pissed that Aaryn picked Judd and not Andy and it makes her distrust Aaryn’s loyalty to their 3Am alliance. So the Veto Competition players will be: Elissa, McCrae, Aaryn, Amanda, GinaMarie and Judd.

8-28-2013 05-17-35 PMAaryn says picking Judd was a risky move because they have to keep Amanda from knowing they have a plan to backdoor her because in the past when you target Amanda, you go home. Amanda and attacks Aaryn for choosing Judd while she is showering with showmance boyfriend McCrae. Aaryn says she was just looking out for herself and she didn’t think it through.

GinaMarie tells Aaryn she told her weeks ago about Amanda and how much of a loser and manipulator she is. Aaryn is freaked out now because she’s afraid that she’s made enemies out of McCrae and Amanda now and she won’t have the numbers to stay. They talk to Elissa and she says all Amanda has been doing is using Aaryn to do her dirty work. She promises Aaryn that she will not go home this week.

8-28-2013 05-20-49 PMLater, GinaMarie tells Elissa that Amanda the female version of Jeremy. They smack talk about Amanda but quit talking when Amanda goes by. Amanda freaks out. She goes and tells McCrae that she thinks GM and Elissa are working together. She goes back out and confronts them for talking game and talking about her. It turns into a giant catfight with Amanda and GinaMarie screaming at each other while Elissa laughs. GM tells Amanda to “bring it b*tch!” McCrae grabs Amanda and drags her off to calm her down and tells her it was “not a good decision” to get into a fight with them. He wants Amanda to make up with Elissa.

Amanda goes up to the Head of Household room to talk to Elissa. Amanda says she is upset because GinaMarie is being friends with Elissa after talking sh*t about her all the time. She says she’s been Elissa’s friend from the beginning and she hopes Elissa is being honest with her that she wouldn’t put her up as a replacement nominee. Elissa says they haven’t even played the Veto Competition yet and she hasn’t even thought about it yet. Elissa avoids the question and just starts laughing when Amanda says she can be “honest” with her. In Diary Room, she says she can’t wait to see the house turn against Amanda.

In response, Amanda starts crying because she says she thought they were on the same page and now she doesn’t feel like that anymore. Amanda says she has always had Elissa’s block and she’s put her neck out and kept the house from voting her out.

8-28-2013 05-28-46 PMZingBot in the house!

Zingbot: “McCrae, I finally figured out why you’re always wearing shorts. Because Amanda is wearing the pants. ZING!”

Zingbot: “Elissa, I hear you like to impersonate me, but I think you’re much better at being a cheap imitation of YOUR SISTER! ZING!”

Zingbot: “Amanda, you can visit McCrae in Minnesota, mail yourself using your giant tramp stamp!”

Zingbot: “Aaryn, some say you were acting mean and nasty in the beginning of the season but I disagree. That wasn’t wasn’t acting!”

Zingbot: “GinaMarie, Nick says since meeting you he feels he’s been swept away into a classic cinematic love story…Fatal Attraction!”

(Why no Spencer Zing? We heard on the Live Feeds that it was about his weight. We guess CBS decided that was more offensive than calling Amanda’s tattoo a tramp stamp.)

8-28-2013 05-35-29 PMEveryone is fighting hard but no one is suffering like Judd, who nearly throws up from getting dizzy running back and forth. He just gives up and has to take himself out of the competition. Elissa and Amanda are doing great but then Elissa drops the ball. Now it’s really down to Ginamarie or Amanda and… Amanda gets all her points first and wins the Power of Veto. Yep, her first competition win of the season and right at the perfect time to save herself from eviction.

There goes the whole plan to backdoor Amanda. Andy is now convinced that he is going to be the replacement nominee. Amanda is grinning wildly. She is way too happy. Judd and Elissa are way not happy. Elissa starts crying, saying that everyone that goes against Amanda goes home. She says she hates her and Amanda is so disgusting. Judd comforts her. Aaryn comes in and wants to know what Elissa is going to do. She asks if Elissa is going to put up GinaMarie. Elissa says she doesn’t know. In Diary Room, Elissa says she wants to put up someone who will make a huge impact in McCranda’s game.

8-28-2013 05-43-28 PMDownstairs, Elissa tells Amanda and McCrae that it was the best day ever and such a fun competition. She implies that she helped Amanda to win. Amanda says that is BS and Elissa “cried like a little b*tch” when she won the Power of Veto.

She starts verbally abusing Elissa in quite a nasty manner (although we saw way worse on the Live Feeds). She says no one gets a “f*ck” what Elissa says and her Head of Household has been wasted. She says how is that going to feel with what Rachel is going to think of her. Amanda says, what does Zingbot and Elissa have in common… they are both made of plastic, zing!

8-28-2013 05-46-40 PMAndy is still freaking out that he may go up. But that isn’t important. It’s all about Amanda going absolutely crazy town and dressing up in a party hat and screaming and yelling insults at Elissa, who is hiding out in the HoH room. On the Live Feeds, this went on all day on Sunday and Monday pretty much and ended up with production warning Amanda that she was going too far and threatening penalty nominations.

Judd says Amanda is a disgusting, vile person. Amanda says she is going to torture Elissa every single day until she is gone and that she can’t wait to send her home. GinaMarie says talking to this crazy b*tch is like talking to a wall and she is making herself look stupid. Amanda pounds on the HoH room door and won’t stop harassing her. Elissa says in Diary Room that she is not going to tolerate bullies.

Andy goes up to comfort Elissa and tells her that at least she has one friend. Elissa says Amanda is scary and psycho. We note that CBS does NOT show that Amanda told Andy to go and be Elissa’s friend to prevent him from going on the block because she is trying to save both Aaryn and Andy (in her 3AM alliance) from the block. She is hoping Elissa will put up GinaMarie instead.

At the Veto Ceremony, Elissa uses the Power of Veto to take McCrae off the block, telling Elissa that she should know better than anyone that “no one comes between me and my man,” stealing Rachel Reilly’s line. Elissa says Rachel would be insulted by having her line stolen by her. She tells Andy that he is going up as the replacement nominee. Amanda tells Elissa to “sit down trash” after she announces the renom.

In Diary Room, Elissa says she is happy that one of McCranda’s allies will be going home this week. Andy is terrified of getting evicted. Amanda says well, there goes the 3AM alliance but at least there will be a 2AM alliance now. Well, maybe not, since Andy and Aaryn are now pretty much done with playing nicey-nice with McCranda.

And that’s a wrap this week. Join us for our live Big Brother 15 recap of the eviction show on Thursday and find out who will be going to the Jury House next!

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