Thank goodness last night’s CBS Big Brother 15 Veto show was highly entertaining because yesterday on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds was a snooze fest for the most part. With the eviction vote pretty much set in stone at this point, most of the HouseGuests spent most of the day lazing about, mucking with their hair extensions, and (gag) talking about the most disgusting things imaginable. Oh, and Aaryn Gries did her best to get into Judd Daughtery’s pants — again.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (2)

Yes, it’s the return of the most unlikeliest and somewhat creepy showmance of the season. With her eviction on Thursday almost 100 percent guaranteed, Aaryn has apparently decided to let it all hang out. Whether she honestly likes Judd or it’s just a last minute strategy to get him to secretly mastermind a vote flip, Aaryn just can’t seem to keep her hands off the former Jury member. Maybe she’s just horny. Who knows, we just wish it would stop. We are not ‘shipping that couple at all.

Aaryn macking on Judd was about the most exciting thing that happened on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds on Wednesday. If you don’t count Aaryn finally giving us a big clue about why she’s such a bigot when she revealed what her dad would think about her getting evicted while she is against Andy on the block. (Let’s just say, the chip doesn’t fall far from the old block. )Keep on reading for our latest Big Brother spoilers from the feeds for more on that.

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1:00 PM BBT: Honestly, nothing much at all happens until early afternoon. Maybe a few minor pieces of game talk but no important exchanges. Even now, the most interesting thing that is happening is GinaMarie and Aaryn messing with GM’s hair extensions and talking a little light game. Aaryn is still campaigning to try to get McCrae and Amanda to vote for her. She thinks GM will do whatever she wants at the vote but she is wrong. Aaryn tells GM that if she stays, she will put up McCrae and Amanda even though she is promising them she wouldn’t do that.

2:15 PM BBT: The HouseGuests lounge about. Andy and Spencer talk about GinaMarie’s farting — a common subject in the house because she apparently does it constantly. Amanda complains and asks why anyone thought Candice was attractive. Andy says Candice was a beauty queen. Amanda retorts that yeah, “she was down in Africa!”

2:45 PM BBT: Bikinis and pool time continues. Elissa and Amanda are playing with each other like they are besties. It’s frakking freakish. Discussing the movie White Chicks, Andy says it was totally funny but Spencer says he doesn’t like “racial humor.” Really Spencer?

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (9)3:35 PM BBT: Production is about as sick of the boring HouseGuests today as we are and gives them some new games to play. They get Jenga, a hacky sack, cards and a slinky. Judd goes to get the games and puts them on the kitchen table. He plays with the slinky on the stairs. He goes outside and GinaMarie wants to know if there are really games. He says he didn’t look. GM finds the games on the table and yells “F**k you Judd!” Then she starts trying to grab him and throw him in the pull. He jumps in the hot tub. She yanks at him to get him out and then proceeds to drag, push, pull him all the way to the pool. (Which he lets her do, with her face nearly planted in his ass at one point.) Production tells her to “STOP THAT!” She pushes him in anyway. GinaMarie really should have listened, because she throws out her back with all this silly stuff and spends the rest of the evening in pain.

4:30 PM BBT: Amanda and McCrae are laying all over each other as usual. They are talking a bit of game. McCrae days Spencer had a final two with Andy. Amanda says she hasn’t had a final two with anyone except him. McCrae says he needs his side alliances to think he will take them to the finale over her. McCrae is feeling depressed about missing his family and worried about what is going to happen next week.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (11)4:40 PM BBT: Elissa tells Spencer that she thinks it is funny Amanda is like “I’m the only showmance this season” and how she seems to have forgotten about Jeremy and Kaitlin. She thinks they were a way better showmance. Spencer thinks Amanda and McCrae are really in love. Elissa retorts that if you are really in love, why would you let someone when they are on TV walk around with their boobs out and wearing a thong. Spencer talks about his ‘girlfriend’ Marilyn and how she would never do that. Elissa says she can’t believe Amanda goes in the Diary Room looking like that and she can’t imagine how it must be to have to interview someone in their underwear.

Spencer talks about Aaryn being a finalist to be on The Real World. Elissa says that she thinks production likes Amanda because she causes so much drama. Spencer says Amanda’s family must be embarrassed by her behavior. Elissa says the HouseGuests are boring because McCranda doesn’t have anyone to fight with and it would be much more fun with Candice, Jessie and Helen in the house. She tells Spencer he has to win Head of Household so they can get split up McCranda. She asks him if he trusts Andy. He says he likes Andy but doesn’t know where his head is at. Elissa is worried if Andy wins HoH what he will do.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (12)4:45 PM BBT: Andy asks Spencer if he is still safe in the eviction this week and Spencer reassures him that he is.

4:50 PM BBT: GinaMarie tells Aaryn that McCrae is throwing too many competitions and he doesn’t have the fire in his a** to win. Aaryn says she has no respect for anyone here except Amanda, Judd, GM and Andy. GM wants to know why she has any respect for Amanda. Aaryn says she has played a strong game. Now they are talking again about GinaMarie not voting for Aaryn and voting with the house to help her game. (Aaryn has gone back and forth about that.) Aaryn tries to counsel GM on what to do when she is gone, telling her to be careful not to tell poeple too much and her best bet is to team up with Elissa and Judd and work together with Andy. She thinks GM would be most successful in a final four with Spencer, Andy and Elissa.

5:45 PM BBT: The HouseGuests are put on indoor lockdown so the backyard can be prepared for the upcoming Head of Household Competition.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (1)6:20 PM BBT: Aaryn and Judd snog. We cringe a bit. Aaryn tells Judd she is going to be evicted and she wants to clear the air between them. She hopes they can be friends outside the house. Judd tells her that Amanda and McCrae will not vote to keep her. She says she knows and she isn’t going to campaign anymore. She says she is glad she knows in advance. Aaryn says Judd is in a good place right now in the house because there are so many bigger targets. Judd says McCranda and him are the only targets. Aaryn says no, that Andy is a target too. Judd wants to know if McCrae and Spencer are working together. Aaryn says no, Spencer told her she doesn’t trust McCrae. She tells him that she, Amanda and McCrae were in an alliance together.

7:10 PM BBT: Random talk. Andy is smack talking about Jessie moaning in her sleep like she was having sex. GinaMarie says all Jessie and Candice talked about was sex. GinaMarie waxes poetic about how Nick would go to sleep with a pillow between him and her and then they would wake up facing each other and smiling. GinaMarie’s back is a mess and she looks terrible, btw.

8:00 PM BBT: Amanda gets freaked out and yells “oh my god!” when someone knocks on the table and it sounds like someone knocking at the front door.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (16)8:30 PM BBT: Amanda asks Judd if he is sure he’s not related to former Big Brother player Howie. He thinks that is funny. Aaryn says Judd is looking much hotter and that he was “busted ugly” at the start of the season. Amanda talks about how McCrae’s “d*ck is so big” and Judd says to shut up. Amanda teases him that they had sex last night and they have sex all the time. GinaMarie calls her a liar. They say some nasty crap about Jessie and the conversation degrades into disgustingness we aren’t going to repeat.

8:45 PM BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn that she should punch Elissa. Aaryn says that her dad will say she was evicted because no one wanted to “vote out the queer.”

10:50 PM BBT: More nasty talk with Judd, GinaMarie and Andy.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (18)11:30 PM BBT: GinaMarie tells Elissa that Aaryn told her she should stick with Elissa and Judd when she is gone. Elissa thinks that was very nice of Aaryn to say. GM says Aaryn knows she is getting evicted and is at peace with it. GM says the whole house is going after McCranda next week. Elissa tells GM she has to win the HoH Competition on Thursday. Judd and Andy come up to join them to escape from Amanda and Aaryn bleaching their a**es. We didn’t hear that and don’t know if that is true and don’t want to know.

11:55 PM BBT: Aaryn tells McCrae that GinaMarie is going to work with Elissa once she is evicted. McCrae says he wants Elissa out. Aaryn says if Elissa goes on the block and doesn’t get voted out, she will go to the final two. McCrae thinks Elissa is probably getting edited to “look like Mother Teresa” on the CBS show.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (20)12:15 AM BBT: The gross continues in the HoH room and we’re just not going to repeat that stuff because… eewwww. Meanwhile, McCrae and Amanda shower together downstairs again. At least it means they are showering because the two of them don’t seem to do it enough. They make out a bit and say some disgusting things. We quickly change cameras.

Everyone leaves the HoH except Elissa and Aaryn. Elissa says she hates that the two of them couldn’t work together. Elissa says every time Aaryn talks like a normal person to her it makes her feel back because she never had anything against her and wanted to work with her. She says Amanda is super manipulative and got into Aaryn’s head and ruined her game. Aaryn tells Elissa that she was in a final four with Andy, McCrae and Amanda. The camera switches off them and we scream at production because this was a good conversation!

1:05 AM BBT: Judd tells Amanda he wants to make a one week safety deal with them and see how it goes from there. Amanda agrees. He tells her that he could never work with Elissa because she would always do what she wanted. He says if he wins HoH he will put Elissa up.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 Wednesday Highlights (25)3:00 AM BBT: Aaryn and Judd cuddle and make out but it doesn’t last long since they are doing it in the room with everyone else in bed. Judd leaves and Amanda laughs and says a few rude things. Amanda says Aaryn just got “frog gigged by J U Double D!” and then she starts making out with McCrae. Judd is listening to all this at the door, by the way. Aaryn complains that she didn’t even get to have sex in the HoH room. They talk about blowjobs and then finally go to sleep.

Thank goodness. Let’s hope Thursday proves to have a lot more game talk and a lot LESS talk about sex and really gross crap. These HouseGuests, seriously! And hey, guys, PLEASE clean up the f**king house already. It is DISGUSTING in there!

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