Big Brother After Dark Recap 6/24/2016

Big Brother After Dark was on last night, Friday at 9pm PT (12am ET) and there was a lot of happenings going on including battles regarding who was going home, and some seriously crazy shenanigans after the houseguests got a booze delivery!

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These recaps contain Big Brother spoilers that have not yet aired on the CBS TV show, but also offer an insight into different live camera feeds to let you know what’s going on in the house.  For more information on the Big Brother After Dark schedule, please click here.

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The episode started in the middle of the house meeting that was called by Jozea Flores.  In attendance were most of the newbies as well as Da’Vonne Rogers and James Huling.  James was not invited, but just showed up and the meeting was started.  Jozea was insisting that they had the numbers for him to stay and Paulie Calafiore to be evicted, and his sidekick Paul Abrahamian, stood by this; however, that is not necessarily the case.

There is an alliance of eight members called the 8-pack consisting of Nicole Franzel, Frank Eudy, James, Da’Vonne, Tiffany Rousso, Michelle Meyer, Corey Brooks and Zakiyah Everette.  Everyone in this alliance gets to vote, except for Nicole, since she is the current Head of Household.  That gives seven votes to evict Jozea when only eleven will be voting.


When Michelle came into the meeting, Natalie Negrotti, Bronte D’Acquisto and Victor Arroyo left the room which may indicate that they don’t trust her.  Jozea said he had a connection with her from the beginning, but then she turned into a “ghost” and he hardly saw her.  Jozea insists he has no agenda and holds no grudges, but will put up anyone who puts him up (Nicole, in this case).  It is clear how little these newbies know about the show considering Paul and Jozea were insisting that Sunday would be a live eviction because they wouldn’t let them marinate for another week.  Da’Vonne and Tiffany quickly shut this idea down.

After the meeting, Bridgette Dunning went up to the Head of Household room because she was being threatened and bullied by Jozea into voting to keep him in the house.  He insisted they had the majority and if she voted against them, they would find out and target her.  Bridgette is in a tough spot since the other primary nominee is Paulie and he is on her team.  However, there is a third nominee, Paul, and he won veto.  Therefore, Frank, the winner of the new Roadkill competition, will have to choose a replacement.  Per the live feeds, it seems like he is leaning toward Bridgette in order to prevent suspicion of him being the “anonymous” winner of the competition.  In addition, it would likely ensure that Jozea, the target, goes home.


Natalie, James and Bronte were discussing loyalty to Team Unicorn and it seems they have each others backs; however, Victor was not a part of this conversation and it is not clear where his head is at.  However, there still seems to be some sort of chemistry and “cuddling” between Natalie and Victor, even if not an official showmance.  Bronte and Natalie also talked about how they would be willing to evict Bridgette, even though she is part of their three girl alliance (deemed the trio aka the powerpuff girls) due to Bridgette going straight to the Head of Household room after the meeting.  It seems this alliance may be falling apart.

Paul and Paulie had a conversation where Paul was trying to tell Paulie that Jozea is scary and intimidating and people don’t want to go against him.  Paulie indicated that Jozea is rubbing people the wrong way and hinted that he may not have the majority.  Paul made it seem like he wasn’t 100% with Jozea, but then he tried to get Paulie to tell him who he think he had on his side.  At that point, Paulie “bounced” which he told Tiffany.  Tiffany assured him that he was safe with at least eight votes (see 8-pack alliance mentioned earlier).

All of this is further proved by Tiffany and Zakiyah being very annoyed with Jozea especially with calling himself the “messiah” and acting like Jesus.  They find him way too egotistical.  However, both Zakiyah and Tiffany seem to have flirtmances with Paulie and are in two alliances together.  Hopefully they don’t turn against each other out of jealousy.


According to Paulie, Victor and Natalie are still very much a “thing” and are keeping it on the down low.  He has seen them cuddling late at night and he knows that they are gunning for him; therefore, they are his primary targets.  He would love to put them up on the block next to each other.  Paulie compared Jozea to Devin because he is on the block and just turning people off more and more.

Zakiyah indicates that Jozea just wants fame and to be remembered and Tiffany chimes in that he knows nothing about the game.  One example of Jozea turning people off is his statement that it’s okay for him to call a female a bitch since he is gay.  He claims it is not the same thing as a straight man calling a girl a bitch.  The women in the house, especially Zakiyah, do not approve of this.

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It appears a new two-person (duo) alliance is being formed between Tiffany and Paulie.  Over a game of “fake” chess, Tiffany finally told Paulie that she is Vanessa Rousso‘s sister (from Big Brother 17) and they bonded over being siblings.  They talked about their differences and their family life.  Based on the live feeds today, they definitely seem to be kindling this relationship, at the very least with flirting.

Around 11:30pm PT, the houseguests receive alcohol – wine and beer.  Needless to say, they got a little rowdy once the booze started flowing.  They decided to play spin the bottle and most of the houseguests participated (Frank and Bridgette were missing, but they have significant others).  After some “trial spins”, Michelle finally spun and it landed on Victor.  She proceeded to lick his foot.  James then spun the bottle and it landed on Paulie.  Jozea started to dictate the game indicating that the other players choose what they do, but Michelle got to choose her own action.  The players wanted James to lick Paulie’s nipple which he wasn’t willing to do and wandered away and the game came to a halt.


The game started up again and James decided to just high-five Paulie.  Next, Paul was up to spin the bottle and it landed on Bronte.  She dissed him by walking away from the game at this point.  Tiffany spun and ended up licking James’ ear, which was probably a dream come true for him being the ladies man that he is.  The game continued and Paulie spun and the bottle landed on Tiffany.  He was given the option to give her a lap dance or lick her ear.  He was asking what she wanted to do and Tiffany said she didn’t care either way.  Paulie seemed to be considering the lap dance, but just decided to lick her ear.

Finally, the end of the game came to a head and was quite gross.  Victor spun the bottle and it landed on Corey.  They were told to complete a “birdie shot” which is apparently where one person takes a drink of something (usually alcohol) and spits it into another persons mouth.  Unfortunately, I was hoping for an exciting golf play.  Turns out, they were both totally down for this.  Corey took his shirt off and got ready to receive the spit of wine from Victor’s mouth.

To round out the episode, Natalie (along with some of the other girls) suggested she would be more comfortable with truth or dare.  In natural Jozea fashion, he directed everyone to switch to truth or dare and the game changed.  Check out the live feeds starting around 11:55pm PT for the truth or dare fun.

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