Big Brother 14 Recap: Week 3 Episode 9 – Power of Veto

On CBS Big Brother 14 Wednesday night, the drama will reach critical mass when one of the Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests makes a bold game play move and shocks the heck out of one of their allies. We’ve seen the Big Brother 14 spoilers for the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony from the Big Brother live feeds. You don’t want to miss our Big Brother 14 recap of the week 3 Power of Veto show; what goes down tonight will be awesome!


This post contains CBS Big Brother 14 spoilers about the week 3, episode 9 Power of Veto show. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

Tonight on the CBS Big Brother 14 week 3 Power of Veto episode, the Big Brother 2012 houseguests will battle it out for the coveted Power of Veto. Whoever manages to snag it will have the power to either leave the eviction nominations by Head of Household Shane Meaney alone, or save either Ashley Iocco or Chef Joe Arvin from the BB14 eviction block.

We’ve already seen the Big Brother 14 spoilers about tonight’s episode on the Big Brother live feeds and there will be some SERIOUS game play action going on tonight in this episode of CBS Big Brother 14. After the Power of Veto Ceremony, one of the Big Brother 2012 cast houseguests is going to take the opportunity to make a big move to shift the whole power in the house. This is what Big Brother is all about and you definitely want to tune in to find out what happens!

The players this week for the Power of Veto Competition are Head of Household Shane Meaney, eviction nominees Ashley Iocco and Chef Joe Arvin, and randomly selected players Frank Eudy, Wil Heuser, and Danielle Murphree.

In the Power of Veto Competition tonight, all the houseguests are dressed up like clowns. The contestants have to roll two balls on ramps, the last clown with their balls on the ramp will win the coveted Power of Veto.

Frank Eudy really, really hopes that neither Chef Joe Arvin or Wil Heuser will win. Shane, of course, wants to win to keep control over the eviction nominations.

Ashley Iocco and Shane Meaney take control of the game and end up as the two battling it out for the win. The good thing for Ashley is that no matter whether she wins or not against Shane, she’s pretty much safe anyway according to the spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds game play discussions.
Finally, Ashley loses one of her balls and it goes off the ramp, leaving Shaney Meaney as the Power of Veto winner for the third time! If he wins one more Power of Veto Competition in the house, it will be a Big Brother record.

Joe is totally freaked out. He knows he is now in serious trouble and his fate is entirely in Shane’s hands.

Veteran team coach Janelle Pierzina walks in on Shane and beteran coach Britney Haynes talking. Janelle and her team invade to talk game. Janelle wants everyone to know she is on board with their alliance and their plan when it comes to the eviction vote. She actually tries to give Britney and Shane her wedding ring to hold as insurance for three weeks to show her loyalty. They don’t take it, but assure her that they see her offer as an indication of her word.

Later, Chef Joe Arvin and Janelle Pierzina are discussing what to do now that Shane has the Power of Veto again. Janelle wants Joe to pretty much beg Shane not to get him evicted. She tells him to do whatever it takes to make sure he does not go home.

Joe talks to Shane, but Shane will not commit to anything. He says that he has not 100% decided what to do and still has to think. Joe feels like he is hanging out over a cliff and only Shane can save him.

Shane may have told Joe he isn’t sure what he is going to do, but it looks like he is very strongly leaning toward putting Frank Eudy on the block as a renomination. Frank is one of the most dangerous players in the game and getting rid of him could be a very strong move for Shane. Then again, it could backfire if he can’t get Frank evicted or the other players decide Shane has now become too big of a threat.

Joe is really hoping Shane will decide to put Frank up on the block because that might mean he will not get evictedt his week.

Both Joe and Ashley make their pleas to Shane to use the Power of Veto to save them from eviction this week. Ashley tells Shane that he will have her loyalty if he chooses to save her. Joe says that all great men, like the president,  know how to use the Power of Veto. He says Shane can show how he is a great man.

Shane finally decides he is going to use the Power of Veto. He chooses Ashley Iocco to save from eviction. In exchange, he chooses Frank Eudy to go up as the renomination. Frank says he knew it was coming.

Shane is hoping that he can still somehow convince Frank that he is not his primary target (even though he pretty much is), so that he can keep Frank on his good side just in case — and keep Frank thinking he is safe.

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