Big Brother 18 Recap: Frank Finally Faces His Fate 7/28/2016

On Big Brother 18 tonight, veteran Frank Eudy will finally face the chopping block he’s been managing to avoid for weeks because of the now defunct team twist. Most of the houseguests have been after Frank for a while, but his teammates won Head of Household two weeks in a row, giving him immunity from eviction as a side effect.


This week Frank was left exposed and vulnerable when the team twist was removed, and fellow veteran James Huling grabbed the Head of Household prize. Despite his promises to the contrary, when time came for the eviction nominations, James went with what the majority of the house wanted and put Frank and his only true remaining ally, Bridgette Dunning, on the block.

Tonight on Big Brother 18, it seems almost guaranteed that Frank Eudy will at last be booted out the door when the live votes are counted. However, that doesn’t mean he might not be walking right back in the house. It all depends on whether or not he has the “round trip ticket” prize from the secret room puzzle the players worked out this week.

Before we get to the Big Brother eviction results this evening, we’ll get a chance to watch a condensed version of the search for the secret room that played out in full Monday, July 25th, on the Live Feeds. Plus we’re sure to probably get some tasty drama from Frank’s hardcore campaigning to flip the vote and get his former ally Bridgette out instead of himself. Which, amazingly, he’s been doing while still managing to keep Bridgette attached to his hip as his faithful little buddy.

After the Live Eviction, whichever houseguest does end up going out the door (Frank), will then hand their secret room ticket prize to host Julie Chen. She will then reveal if the ticket is a one way trip to the Jury, or a round trip ticket back into the Big Brother 18 house.

Now on with our recap!

Michelle is feeling kind of regretful about not using the Power of Veto to save Frank just so Bridgette would hopefully go home. Although the other girls don’t see Bridgette as any kind of problem, Michelle really seems to dislike her a lot. Especially because feels that Bridgette got in the way of her and Frank being close.

Poor Bridgette, meanwhile, is devastated that Frank is going to be going home. She cries in the Diary Room that she doesn’t have many friends even outside the house, and she never expected to make such a good friend inside.


Michelle cries in the pantry with Frank over him going home this week and her not using the Veto save him. She’s all upset because she won’t even get to hang out with him in Jury (or so she thinks). Da’Vonne understands Michelle is a superfan but Frank is the devil and he needs to go out!

Secret Room Twist


The search is on for the ‘secret’ in the house and Frank is hoping it will be something that can save both him and Bridgette. Paul is the first one to really start putting the clues together by figuring out that a bunch of signs in the house all have green words spelling out “secret destination departing now”. This leads him to eventually decipher a message on the big ‘Destination Board’ in the Living Room, and then on a model plan that says “call Paris”.


Paul runs up to the phone booth upstairs and dials “Paris” and gets a message that there is a secret tunnel under his feet. It tells him that he might want to keep this information to himself for now to prevent the other houseguests for finding out the secret. Paul runs off and fakes that he doesn’t know anything yet and tries to distract Frank and Bridgette from knowing what is going on.


While Frank and Bridgette have figured out “call Paris” they are trying it on the downstairs phone. So Paul decides he needs to go for it and goes back to the upstairs phone. He dials Paris again and a tunnel opens up to a hidden room. Inside the room there are twelve envelopes and each houseguest the enters the room has to chose an envelope. One of the envelopes will have a round trip ticket to get back into the house if the person is evicted.


Paul tries to play off the other houseguests that the puzzle only works for one houseguest and lies all over the place about the code he used, how many envelopes there are, etc. But the other players don’t believe him. Victor figures out the “call Paris” code next and then one by one the other players go into the room as well and pick out their own envelopes. Frank and Bridgette are, of course, totally thrilled that if Frank gets evicted, he might get to come right back into the game.


Da’Vonne, on the other hand, is not so happy that Frank might actually have a possibility of re-entering the game after he is evicted. She is ready for him to be out!

Back from commercial, we have some brief bits about the veterans and their buddies in previous seasons. First we have Jason, who is ‘still broke, still living with his mother, and still working in a grocery story’. He was buddies with Da’Vonne in their previous season and he thinks if Da’Vonne can stick around a few more weeks until the showmances become bigger targets, she’ll be in a good spot.


Next up we have Meg, who was buddies with James during their season. While James seems to think there was a little something special going on there, Meg says no way, never. Meg thinks James needs to worry about Da’Vonne the most.

Now we have Hayden, who was in a showmance with Nicole in their season. They dated for quite a while after the show, but broke up because they had different ideas about the future. (She wanted to get married and have kids.) He says it is weird to watch Nicole in showmance again and it’s not really a good way to win the game.


Last up there is Mike Boogie, who says Frank is playing a horrible game this time around, unlike in their previous season. He says Frank never should have told people he won the Roadkill competitions, that was a big problem. However, he says no one should ever count ‘his boy’ out, he’s a hell of a fighter.

Host Julie Chen calls for the Live Eviction and explains that the secret room tickets will only be good until August 18. After that, they will no longer be valid.

Frank gives his eviction speech and says a lot of nice things about Bridgette, and basically tells off everyone else that he hopes he never sees any of them again. Bridgette says a lot of nice things about Frank and says she is going to miss her “ride or die” partner a lot.


Live Eviction Results

  • Michelle votes to evict: Frank
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Frank
  • Paulie votes to evict: Frank
  • Nicole votes to evict: Frank the Tank
  • Natalie votes to evict: Frank
  • Corey votes to evict: Frank
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Frank ‘finally happily thank god!’
  • Paul votes to evict: Frank
  • Victor votes to evict: Frank

With a unanimous vote, Frank Eudy has been evicted from the Big Brother 18 house. But does he have that round trip ticket back into the game? We’ll find out in just a few minutes!

After Frank is evicted, he gives big hugs to Bridgette and hugs a few other folks before heading out the door. Michelle sneaks up behind him and steals a hug for herself.


Frank has a very brief bit with host Julie Chen and then hands over his airline ticket. But before we can find out if it’s the return ticket, we have another commercial break. When we come back, Julie reveals the ticket to all of the houseguests and to the viewers… And it’s a one way ticket out. Frank will not be returning to the Big Brother 18 house.

Julie calls Frank out for not keeping his mouth shut in the game and keeping secrets, like winning the Roadkill Competition. Frank says that’s his big downfall, that he can’t keep his mouth shut and he’s too trusting. Frank says he is worried about Bridgette, he’s been there in season 14 where everyone in the house is against you and you never know when they are just going to decide to evict you.

Frank gets his goodbye messages. Nicole tells Frank she hopes they can be friends later. Da’Vonne, however, will be happy if they never speak again. Bridgette says she has no regrets and will never be ashamed of being his “cabbage patch kid”.

Head of Household Competition

The HoH Comp tonight is called “Perfect Shot” and the goal is to throw a red ball ‘up the creek’ and get their ball into a box at the end. The first person to get the shot will be the new HoH. The houseguests all have a yellow ball they can practice with as many times as they want. But the red ball can only be thrown once. So if they miss with the red ball, they are out.


All of them start off practicing with their yellow ball and it is not easy getting it into the tiny box at the end of their fake creek. Someone will have to try for the red ball to actually win the competition shortly, but not until after we have another commercial break.

But first, there is a new twist called “America’s Care Package” and the viewers will get to vote each week which houseguest will get it. The packages will contain an advantage for the houseguest who gets it. However, once a houseguest gets a care package, they are not eligible to get another one.

The first care package is a “Never-Not Pass” and whoever gets it can never be named a Have-Not and be forced to live on slop and sleep in the horrible bumper car beds. Since this isn’t really a game changing advantage, it might be worth not voting for your favorite person to win this first care package because a more important advantage might be available later.

Back again from commercial and we’ve missed out on some of the competition, which sucks, and it looks like it’s not going to be over by the end of the show. So it’s time to switch over to the Big Brother Live Feeds and hope to get those spoilers for the Head of Household winner coming up soon! If you can’t wait until Sunday night to find out who wins, jump on over to our HoH spoilers recap from the Feeds to get the scoop on what happened with the rest of the competition.



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