What Happened on Big Brother Last Night? 7/7/2016

During the last couple of weeks on Big Brother 18, we have witnessed several twists, two evictions and quite a bit of drama. This past week, Paulie became the new Head of Household. His main goal from the beginning was to backdoor Victor Arroyo for being one of the houseguests who tried to get him out last week.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany 2

Tiffany Rousso, Paul Abrahamian and Bronte D’Aquisto were up for eviction before the PoV. Tiffany was paranoid that Paulie was the one who planned to put her up and try to backdoor her. She became very emotional about it and felt as if she was being ganged up on when she thought she could trust Paulie. Paulie assured Tiffany that she was not the target this week and that she was safe.

The Power of Veto Competition would be the only chance for Victor to claim his safety this week. Before the POV competition, Victor told Paulie that Paul informed him to not trust Frank or him (Paulie) in this game. Paulie decided to pull Paul aside and tell him that Victor had came to him and told him that. Paul was a little nervous that Victor would have said that because it could potentially ruin his game.

Since Paulie was Head of Household and Bronte, Paul and Tiffany were nominated for eviction, they would all play in the PoV. Paulie was left to choose two more players to play in the Veto competition. First pick was Da’vonne Rogers. Next pick was Paul which meant that he could choose a player to participate in the competition. Paul wasn’t thrilled because if he didn’t pick Victor then he would think something is going on and if he did pick Victor then the whole 8 pack alliance would basically be against him for doing so. When Paul chose Zakiyah Everette over Victor, Victor felt a little betrayed because his game plan was beginning to crumble and he (Victor) may not be safe now.


Da’vonne and Frank were nervous because they do not know what Tiffany’s game plan is this week. They felt that if Tiffany were to win the POV that she might use it to pull herself off the block which would leave Victor finding a replacement for her since he won the Roadkill competition.

At the Power of Veto competition, nominees had to dig through ‘Toe Jam’ and find fungi letters to spell out different words within 12 minutes. Each fungi letter had a different point value. The houseguest with most point values would win the Power of Veto. Paul spelled the word ‘Slouched’ for 9 points. Tiffany spelled ‘Twinkling’ for 10 points putting her in the lead. Da’vonne spelled ‘Redemption’ for 9 points. Zakiyah spelled ‘Duration’. Bronte spelled ‘Powerful’ for 10 points which made her in the lead since she rang in before Tiffany, and Paulie spelled ‘Sustainability’ for 10 points which made him the POV winner since he rang in before both Bronte and Tiffany.


After the POV competition, Da’vonne told Frank that she felt Tiffany is a bigger threat because she was counting her letters during the POV comp. Frank said that isn’t what they want to see in an alliance member. Paulie told Paul that he is going to pull him down this week for keeping his word and not picking Victor.

In BB17, we all figured out who the “house clown” was quickly. James Huling was always scaring people. It was no guess that once he returned for BB18, the pranks would continue. James decided to hide in a trash can and scare Nicole.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany 2

The Fatal Five alliance, which included Da’vonne, Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah and Tiffany, felt that they are slowly falling apart due to Tiffany’s attitude about things this week. They all agree that she has been shady.

During the POV meeting, Paulie used the veto on Paul and replaced him with Victor, leaving Victor, Bronte and Tiffany to possibly be leaving in tonight’s eviction. Who do you think will be going home this week?

Big Brother 18 Tiffany