Big Brother 18 Power Rankings: Week 3

Our latest Big Brother 18 Power Rankings are in and this cast continues to be both predictable in some ways, and rather surprising in others.

Big Brother 18 Tiffany 2

Based on their preseason interviews and first week of gameplay on the Big Brother Live Feeds, there are some folks in serious danger — and others riding the top of the pack — this week that we certainly would not have expected.

14. Victor Arroyo It’s not a shock that he is probably leaving the game this week; his gameplay made no sense. He won roadkill and blabbed to the entire house that he won. If he had no exposed himself, maybe Paulie would have used the veto on Tiffany and he would be safe from eviction this week. He thinks he is safe homehow after his ally just left the house in a 7-4 vote.

13. Frank Eudy Frank was at the top of my rankings last week, but he has tumbled completely since the last few days. His social game was sub par and then it tanked overnight quickly. He is walking around the house cocky, arrogant and Da’vonne has led a charge to get him out. His own allies are now questioning whether they should take him out. Frank lacks self-awareness and the odds are he will go home unless his team wins HOH.

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12. Bronte D’Acquisto Bronte’s name comes up because she is a number on the other side of the house and someone they presume as easy to target. The other reason she is this low is because James is likely going to continue to tank head of household’s and that puts her entire game at risk. She’s already in the minority and her targets in the game would likely be Nicole, who is aware of this.

11. Da’vonne Rogers – Day has played the most dangerous game of anyone in the past few days. She continues to target Frank, make-up lies and goes around throwing her own allies under the bus. I am stunned that she has not learned how to keep quiet when you are completely safe. She was a locked juror member, but now she may be an early boot again if she cannot keep her mouth quiet.

10. Bridgette Dunning – Bridgette is in danger because she is on Frank’s team. Frank’s team has four players and a lot want to weaken his team because they have yet to lose a member. Bridgette is also on the side of the spy girls and there’s also the possibility she could target the eight pack if she gets into power.

9. Tiffany Rousso – She will survive this week, but next week could still lead to her a boot. She’s still Vanessa’s sister and people like Frank want her out of the game. She has no loyal allies in the game because Michelle and Paulie have no problem taking her out in the next few weeks. Many of the houseguest fin her to be too emotional and that will eventually lead to her downfall in the game. For her, she needs a HOH and should try to take out Frank before he gets the best of her.

8. Paul Abrahamian – What a perfect week for Paul. He trusted the boys and it paid off for him because they used the POV on him. I think he could slide through for weeks and actually have a chance at winning. Losing allies like Jozea and Victor may cause others to view him as weakened, where they don’t strike at him soon.

7. Paulie Calafiore – Paulie played his HOH week pretty clean this week by bringing in Paul as another number. But I did hear Bronte say she might put him up next to Zakiyah if she wins. I’m also interested if anyone thinks he might be dangerous to keep around considering he won HOH and POV in the same week. He held all the power and that may raise a few eyebrows.

6.  Nicole Franzel – Nicole’s game took a tumble this week when she sided with the girls and pushed for a Frank boot. However, she’s still relatively safe in the house, but she has conflicting feelings on the vet alliance. She trusts Corey way too much, who may bro it out with Frank over her. Her only danger is that Bronte has it out bad for her, so that is one HOH she should pray against.

5.  James Huling – No one is going after James! I repeat no one! He is the only vet that is playing a decent game now and keeping his mouth shut. He is bonding with the spy girls, who trust him completely in the game and having additional numbers makes him even stronger. The only weakness here is the potential showmance with James and Natalie, but I think they are smart enough to keep that quiet.

4. Corey  Brooks – Corey is in a very good place to win the game, but he’s an alpha male. If a spy girl comes into power, he might be stuck on the block with Nicole and there’s a good chance the girls will vote him out. Corey is very aware of the game dynamics (Which I did not expect), but he has the social game to go all the way and win.

3. Michelle Meyer – Another one whose name is never mentioned, and she stays in the background away from the drama. Michelle is a superfan and she’s hiding that pretty secretly in the house, which gives her extra points. She’s also on the strongest team this season and the girls seem to trust her. One thing about Michelle is that she is completely loyal to her alliances (Eight Pack and Fatal Five).
2. Zakiyah Everette – There’s a lot of under the radar gameplay, but that is not a bad thing considering it’s only week two. I never hear her name mentioned as a target and she’s in multiple alliances that will keep her safe. The only weakness in her gameplay is the potential showmance and loyalty to Da’vonne who is likely a ticking time bomb, but she can overcome those two things.

1. Natalie Negrotti- Can you believe this spy girl is in the best position? No one is actively targeting her or views her as a threat. One of the best things about her game is that she’s sociable, but I am not sure that’s her gameplay. She’s just a really nice person and she’s all about girl power! I am not sure if she will be a target anytime soon with all the other big personalities in the house.