Big Brother 15 Recap: Who Was Evicted From Big Brother in Week 7?

8-12-2013 at 1-34-AMThe question of who was evicted from Big Brother tonight is far less important this week than who won Head of Household. The eviction tonight in our Big Brother 15 recap is pretty much anticlimactic for anyone who has been watching on the Live Feeds, despite attempts by CBS to spice up the drama last night. We’re honestly wishing we could just fast forward through the first half of the Big Brother 15 eviction show tonight and leap right ahead to the Head of Household Competition.

On Big Brother tonight, all of the HouseGuests know that this is an absolute must-win Head of Household Competition. Despite a massive amount of wheeling and dealing over the past couple of days, no one is feeling particularly safe right now. McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman have been working hard to cover all their bases, but they know they are huge targets. Will one of them win HoH and assure their safety for another week? Jump in for our live Big Brother recap and watch all the action with us!

Plans within plans within plans have been going around inside the house the last few days. Amanda and McCrae, naturally, have been right in the middle of all of it. Right now their current hope for next week’s eviction is to backdoor Helen Kim — without her ever suspecting it is going to happen.

To do this, and protect their own safety next week, they’ve made several ‘fake’ alliances with other Big Brother 15 cast members. McCrae has made a fake final three deal with Helen and Andy Herren with the caveat that they take Amanda to at least the final six or four. (Andy knows it is fake. He has an allegedly ‘real’ final three deal with Amanda and McCrae.) McCrae has also made a fake final three deal with Spencer Clawson and Andy. (Again, Andy knows this is one is fake too.) Amanda and McCrae are also talking about how to work a deal with GinaMarie as well.

Meanwhile, Amanda has been working Elissa Slater to convince her that she and McCrae are secretly targeting Aaryn Gries for a backdoor eviction next week (they are actually in a allegedly ‘real’ final four deal with Aaryn and Andy). She’s hoping Elissa will help convince Helen that she is not the target so Helen does not put her and McCrae on the block if she or Elissa wins Head of Household. It’s a sneaky strategy with a lot of moving parts but so far it seems to be going rather well.

That’s pretty much how it stands right now as we go into the CBS Big Brother 15 eviction and HoH Competition show tonight. Be sure to refresh the page often for the latest updates after the show starts!

8-15-2013 06-05-19 PMAnd here’s host Julie Chen wearing a brown paper sack tonight! Seriously, that dress looks like something we used to feed our horses out of. Julie introduces the video recap of the events up to now on this week of Big Brother 15, culminating in the Power of Veto Ceremony in the last episode.

We start off this episode with Andy talking in Diary Room about keeping Jessie in the dark that she is going home this week. Jessie says in Diary Room that she hopes Andy is telling the truth. Jessie asks McCrae and Amanda about the vote and they both swear she is safe. Jessie hopes so, especially since Andy is telling Spencer he is safe this week too.

Jessie says in Diary Room that Helen and Elissa are acting weird toward her and Helen is spending a lot of time with Spencer. Andy says he has been encouraging Helen to hang with Spencer and make sure he thinks he is safe. She is worried though and Andy says he will talk to her about it.

8-15-2013 06-08-13 PMAndy tells Helen and Elissa they need to have better poker faces with Jessie and be besties with her until she is evicted on Thursday. We move on to Elissa, Aaryn and Helen hanging out with Jessie in the Head of Household room. They aren’t being nice though. Helen actually calls Jessie out about the ‘evict Amanda’ plan in front of Aaryn and Elisa. Jessie is furious.

Jessie pulls Helen downstairs on the pretense of playing pull and confronts Helen about what she said. Helen says everyone pretty much knows Jessie was trying to get Amanda out. Jessie says she dropped the plan after Helen wouldn’t join in. Helen says that is not what she heard. They get heated and Helen and Jessie call each other liars. Helen leaves and Jessie says in Diary Room that it is time to out Helen to make her look bad.

Jessie goes to McCrae and Amanda to tell them that she and Helen were working on a plan together to get Amanda out. Amanda goes up and gets Helen and Elissa to clear the air. This leads to another confrontation with Jessie. Helen says that Jessie is a liar and Jessie calls her a liar right back. Then Helen says “you’re leaving Thursday” and repeats it, “she’s leaving Thursday.”

8-15-2013 06-09-52 PMWe more on to another confrontation between Jessie and Helen at the chess board. Helen says that Jessie must have misunderstood her saying she and Elissa would be on board with getting Amanda out. (We see a flashback of her and Elissa saying exactly that.) Meanwhile, McCrae, Andy, Amanda, Ginamarie and Aaryn are all eavesdropping. In Diary Room, Amanda says people know now how shady Helen can be. In Diary Room, Andy says Helen even came to him about the evict Amanda plan and that she is lying right now in her fight with Jessie. Helen stomps off again and it’s back to host Julie Chen.

8-15-2013 06-19-35 PMJulies says that one of the HouseGuests will be going to the Jury House tonight… but they may not be there for long… so we’ve obviously got a returning player twist coming up soon.

Back from break and Jessie is telling Aaryn that Helen is lying about trying to get Amanda out last week and letting her take the fall for it. Jessie says she is public enemy number one now.

Switch to Aaryn, Helen, McCrae, Elissa and Amanda all talking about Jessie and that she is going home now. Jessie is eavesdropping at the door. She runs off and tells Andy that she heard everything about the plan to evict her this week. Andy goes and tells the others that Jessie was listening to them and knows everything now. Aaryn is freaked out because she says in Diary Room that Jessie could totally blow up her game.

Jessie tells Spencer and GinaMarie that she heard the others all laughing and being despicable human beings. She says that she heard them say that Andy was in on it and had been lying to her face all week. She tells GM that Aaryn is always talking about her and saying nasty stuff. Jessie says her plan of action this week is just to blow everyone out of the water.

8-15-2013 06-24-04 PMUpstairs, Andy tells the others that Jessie is on the warpath. GinaMarie and Aaryn get into it about what Jessie said. Aaryn and GM get into it big time. Aaryn tries to leave but GM follows her. We flash to Jessie in one of the bedrooms laughing hysterically. Aaryn yells at GM to get the hell away from her and leave her alone. GM goes out onto the stairs to tell everyone that Aaryn is yelling at her and everyone should wake up and know Aaryn is being a b*tch.

Finally we move on to the live show and the HouseGuests gathered in the living room. Julie Chen asks Aaryn why tempers are running so high in the house. Aaryn says there aren’t many people left in the competition and it is getting scary. Julie asks why everyone got so emotional about Judd going home last week. Andy says Judd just kept everything lively and it was sad to see him go. Julie asks Amanda if anyone should feel safe in the house and she says hell no, that would be crazy.

8-15-2013 06-40-00 PMJulie asks Helen a Twitter question about when are people going to start making big moves instead of doing what the house wants. Good question! Helen says there have been a lot of big moves in the house, like getting out Judd because Judd could have won this whole game.

Now it’s finally time for the live eviction. Jessie and Spencer will get a chance to make a final please to the house. (Which never actually accomplishes anything.) Jessie says she loves and misses her mom and her family. She says it has been a pleasure being in the house with all of them. She has tried to get support from people but it hasn’t worked. But she’ll throw it out again that she would support anyone that would keep her in the house. Spencer gives a shout out to his brother turning thirty. He says it is a mind-blowing dream come true to be in the house and he hopes to stick around a lot longer.

Here are the results of the live vote:

Amanda: Vote to evict Jessie
McCrae: Vote to evict Jessie
Aaryn: Vote to evict Jessie
Helen: Vote to evict Jessie
GinaMarie: Vote to evict Jessie
Elissa: Vote to evict Jessie

With a vote of six to zero, Jessie Kowalski has been evicted from the Big Brother 15 house. Helen doesn’t really look that happy about it but she pretty much hugs everyone. She finally smiles when she hugs Andy and heads out the door. Her dress is almost too short to sit when she settles in for her exit interview with Julie. Andy is crying inside the house. Even Aaryn has a bit of tears going on.

8-15-2013 06-42-00 PMJessie tells Julie that she wanted to blow some people’s games up and make an impression before she left. She thinks that there is now more doubt about Helen that she wasn’t so loyal to Amanda and McCrae. She hopes it will be Helen versus Amanda in the coming weeks. She says she felt betrayed by Helen. Jessie says she wasn’t sure why she was on the outside in the house. She came in hoping to have a buddy or even a showmance but it didn’t work out. She says that she even switched sides in the house to try to find a place but she just couldn’t win. Jessie says it is going to be really weird to be in the Jury House with Judd, especially knowing now that he was working to get her out.

In her goodbye message, Amanda says everyone lied to Jessie all week about her being evicted. She says trying to flip the house against her was a bad move. Aaryn says it is sad that Andy is out. Andy says that from a game standpoint there is so much going on and he just had to get her out. Helen says that it was really important to keep Amanda in the house to her game and she still loves her.

Jessie says she did the best she could with the hand she was dealt and she has no regrets. Jessie now officially becomes a member of the Jury. She says goodbye… for now… because there is a lot of summer left. A bit of a hint to Jessie there?

8-15-2013 06-53-27 PMAnd we’re back and it’s time for the Head of Household Competition. Sadly, it is not an endurance competition. Instead, it is a theater themed “Way Off Broadway” competition. The HouseGuests will hear music that will represent a competition this season in a Knockout challenge. Two players will go face to face and the person who gets it right moves on, the person who gets it wrong is out.

Round 1: Helen vs. GinaMarie — GinaMarie wins and picks Spencer and Elissa
Round 2: Elissa vs. Spencer — Spencer wins and picks McCrae and GM
Round 3: GM vs. McCrae — McCrae wins and picks Aaryn and Spencer
Round 4: Aaryn vs. Spencer — Aaryn wins, Amanda and McCrae are the last to go up
Round 5: Amanda vs. McCrae — McCrae gets it wrong and loses.
Round 6: Aaryn vs. Amanda — Aaryn wins and is the new Head of Household AGAIN

8-15-2013 06-58-31 PMBack from break and Aaryn says it is great to be safe but the downside is that she has become really close to everyone and this is going to be hard. The HouseGuests are released and Julie Chen says that during Thursday’s live show next week, a Jury member will come back into the game. Either Candice, Judd, Jessie or next week’s evicted player.

Will Aaryn stick with her deal with Amanda and McCrae and help them to backdoor Helen this week? What will Helen think now after everyone was trying to convince her that Aaryn was the target this week for a backdoor eviction… and now Aaryn can’t be nominated? Check out a two-day free trial of the Big Brother Live Feeds and watch the aftermath of the eviction and HoH Competition with us!

That’s a wrap!

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