Big Brother 15 eviction Spencer Clawson and Jessie KowalskiOn CBS Big Brother tonight, a predictable eviction will be followed by a mad scramble in the next Head of Household Competition. From what we’ve seen and heard on the Big Brother Live Feeds, it looks like we may be in for another endurance competition tonight in the form of the infamous Wall challenge.

Regardless of how CBS has tried to spin the network shows to be more dramatic this week, we are pretty clear who will get voted out tonight from Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds. So that part of the show will be a bit boring. Happily, production has a lot of filler material to work with for the episode this evening — including Jessie Kowalski’s wild verbal attacks on half the HouseGuests to enjoy.

After all of that, it will be on to the HoH Competition to find out who will go home on Big Brother 2013 tonight. Honestly, we’re really hoping for a Spencer Clawson or Elissa Slater win to potentially shake up the house big time. Or Helen Kim to win and decide to just go big or go home. However, if it is an endurance competition, the odds are heavily against Spencer. Elissa didn’t perform all that well in the previous endurance contests either.

Want to know how the votes stack up currently in the Big Brother 15 house before tonight’s eviction? Catch up with what’s been going on in the last few hours before the show in our pre-eviction report from the Big Brother Live Feeds below!

Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Thursday Week 7 Live Feeds Highlights (Pre-Eviction)

As it stands right now going into tonight’s eviction, a natural disaster or miracle from production would have to happen to save Jessie. The vote count right now is unanimous for her to be evicted and join Candice and Judd in the Jury House.


10:00 AM BBT: It’s a slow start to the day inside the house with half the HouseGuests refusing to get out of bed. GinaMarie, Elissa and Aaryn are sleepily talking in one of the bedrooms. Elissa comments that she can’t find one of her dresses and Aaryn says Candice probably took it because she was always taking stuff. GinaMarie and Aaryn then talk about all the stuff Candice would take of theirs and how disrespectful it was. Elissa says production took two of her dresses. (Production sometimes takes the HouseGuests’ stuff if they have logos on them or for other weird reasons.)

Elissa says she hopes that the Head of Household Competition will be an endurance challenge because she gets freaked out over question and answer contests. (Like this week’s Veto Competition, where she accidentally knocked herself out by not understanding the instructions.) Aaryn and GinaMarie wonder why there is underwear laying all over the place. These HouseGuests are disgusting and never clean up after themselves.

8-15-2013-01-47-41-PM10:50 AM BBT: Jessie tells Aaryn that she feels like a loser now and that she shouldn’t have gone around saying all those mean things she did to her, Elissa, Helen, etc. etc. etc. She tells Aaryn that Jessie needs to get Helen out because she’s evil and f**ked her over for no good reason. Aaryn says yeah but she is going to probably be backdoored out of the house next. (Aaryn is allegedly McCrae and Amanda’s backdoor target for next week but actually they are working with her and planning to backdoor Helen.) Aaryn maintains the fiction that she isn’t working with McCranda by saying it will probably be her, Spencer and GinaMarie going out next.

Jessie tells Aaryn that she wants her to win because she’s the only one been trying to save her. Aaryn says that will only happen if Helen gets taken out before her. She says that no one wants to take her to the end because she would tear them up in the finale. They b*tch about the Most Valuable Player twist screwing things up. Aaryn says Judd screwed things up too. Jessie says she might not even talk to him in Jury. Aaryn asks Jessie to make sure Candice doesn’t slander her anymore. Jessie says she will do that and she will swear that Aaryn is the least racist person in the house and other people have said way worse things than her.

Over in the bathroom, Elissa shows Helen how Jessie wrote “Jessie K loves Dan was here” on the bathroom stall. Andy comes in and they show him too. They think that is weird.

8-15-2013-01-49-38-PM11:20 AM BBT: Jessie, Aaryn and Andy are in the lounge talking. Aaryn leaves. Jessie says the game is about to get good and she can’t wait to see what happens. Andy says it is getting harder. Jessie says he shouldn’t be boring or predictable. He says he probably won’t be an instigator. Jessie says just wait until someone screws up his game because it sucks.

Meanwhile, Helen and GinaMarie talk about how Jessie messed up her own game. GinaMarie says that if Jessie tries to pull anything during the live show, she will just cut her off.

Helen goes to talk to Elissa in the Have Not room. She says she can’t believe Jessie tried to say that Spencer was more dangerous than her. She can’t wait for one of them to win Head of Household. They put in some game practice in case the HoH challenge is a quiz.

11:35 AM BBT: Andy tells Jessie that he feels really bad that she is going to go home on his Head of Household. They hug it out. She says that it is okay and she loves him. Andy is getting all teary now. Andy says he may end up being valuable or expendable coming up, he doesn’t know which. She says he will be valuable and he’s in a great position. She thinks McCranda will move to get rid of Helen because they won’t want to go up against her in the finale. He talks about how he can’t trust Spencer. Speaking of the devil makes him appear and conversation moves on.


11:45 AM BBT: The Big Brother Live Feeds switch to trivia with the HouseGuests being locked down in the HoH room while the house is prepared for tonight’s show.

8-15-2013-01-52-07-PM1:10 PM BBT: The Feeds return and Andy is talking to McCrae in the Head of Household room about his conversation with Jessie. He says Jessie told him they had to get Helen out no matter what. Helen, meanwhile, is making nicey-nice with Amanda in the kitchen. Production tells Andy he has to clear out of the HoH room now.

1:10 PM BBT: Helen tells Amanda that Jessie has been telling Aaryn that she has to get her out as soon as possible. Amanda is like, what? Helen says she can’t believe she actually comforted Jessie yesterday when she was upset and she is done with her.

Meanwhile, McCrae and Andy talk game in the Head of Household room. Andy says they need to get Elissa out of the house soon. He says he is worried that Amanda might want to take Elissa to the finale because she doesn’t see her as a threat, especially in competitions. Andy agrees Elissa needs to be out but not this week, they have a bigger target.

8-16-2013-09-26-25-AMMcCrae leaves and Helen grabs him and tells him about Jessie telling Aaryn that Helen needs to get evicted. McCrae tells Helen that Jessie said she will never vote for Helen to win. Helen says she can’t believe Jessie is acting like this when she thought they had made up. They talk about Jessie not knowing how to play and Helen says telling people she won’t vote for Helen only helps her game because people will think she won’t win if they take her to the finale.

1:30 PM BBT: Elissa thinks the HoH Competition will be something physical because the HouseGuests were not given alcohol last night. Meanwhile, in the pantry, Andy tells Spencer that Jessie is telling the total truth about how Helen wanted to get Amanda out and Helen came to him multiple times about it. He says that just shows she is a good liar. Spencer is worried that if Elissa wins, she will go after him and he just plans to lay low. Andy says he wants Helen to win HoH because she will hopefully go after bigger targets.

1:45 PM BBT: Andy, Jessie and McCrae chatter in the lounge. Amanda sing-songs about Andy loving her “pizza boy McCrae but too bad he is not gay. My boy Andy loves boys with a little fruit.” Andy is pissy because all of Jessie’s drama probably prevented him from getting Pandora’s Box.

8-16-2013-09-29-38-AM2:15 PM BBT: Amanda digs Jessie’s mic out from her pants after Jessie asks her to unclip it from her vag*na and hook it to her pants. That’s just a weird sight.

Meanwhile, GinaMarie starts rapping nasty stuff about Candice, saying “Like Candice, got crabs up her a** because she’s dirty like a crack wh*re on a monday morning! Crack a ????, now I’m yawning, bitch got two moms like I got two balls hanging from my mid section. I’m about to c*m on this bit*hes face, no messing around.” Jessie actually says that was good. Andy wants to know if GinaMarie hates anyone on Earth more than Candice. She says yeah, there is only one person. Spencer jokes that there is only one person that is still alive.

2:20 PM BBT: Aaryn, Helen, Andy and Elissa talk in the Have Not room. Helen is still pissed about how Jessie is acting after they made up yesterday. Helen and Elissa wonder if GinaMarie will be okay going up on the block as a pawn. Aaryn says GM will be fine and knows she’ll be okay unless she wins something. Aaryn gives a lesson on how to talk to GinaMarie only when she’s happy and to stay away from her when she’s in a foul mood. Aaryn tries to make herself look like she isn’t really that much of a threat despite winning lots of competitions.


2:40 PM BBT: Aaryn tells Helen they want Spencer to stay in the house because he won’t go after them. Helen is still going on about Jessie and how she was promising her everything to save her but going behind her back and trying to make deals with Amanda and McCrae. She says McCrae was the only person who told her Jessie was doing that.

Andy comes in and conversation switches. Andy wants to know what Elissa would do if she won HoH. She says she might put up Spencer and GinaMarie. Andy says he hopes not because it will piss off Amanda and McCrae and they will have to convince them they can’t control Elissa. Helen pushes about Spencer being dangerous and how they need to get him out. Andy says he will try to control him if he wins HoH.

2:50 PM BBT: Spencer compares the Big Brother production crew and rules to the “Nazi regime.” Spencer does seem to have a thing about Nazis… Why does his brain go there so often?

8-16-2013-09-33-41-AM3:05 PM BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn that Helen does not want her to go up on the block because she thinks she has her in her pocket. Amanda says that is not good for her plan but it’s good for Aaryn. Amanda says she talked to Elissa yesterday about her and Helen being involved in Jessie’s plan to flip the house with the ‘evict Amanda’ plan. Elissa then ran straight to Helen and told her what Amanda said. She says Helen is the “base of all problems like Judd was.” Amanda says they have to win HoH and backdoor Helen. Aaryn says that Spencer told her and Elissa that he is coming after her. Amanda says they need Spencer for one more week because he will put up Elissa and she needs Helen gone more.

3:15 PM BBT: Live Feeds go off for the eviction show.

Stay tuned for the rest of Thursday’s action on the Live Feeds in our post-eviction Thursday evening report!

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