Big Brother Spoilers: Big Brother 15 Promo — Coming Sooner Than You Think

Big Brother 2013 host Julie Chen

CBS has made one thing very clear to us about the Big Brother 15 premiere: it is starting earlier than normal and we should all be excited to get Big Brother 2013 back into our lives earlier than normal. We have some new Big Brother spoilers, as CBS has released a new Big Brother 15 promo video and it is all about the new season coming sooner than you think. We think it comes on June 26th, which you have been drilling in our head CBS!

My rant is over and we could not be any happier for a new season of Big Brother 2013. If you haven’t already, you definitely should be purchasing the Live Feeds for this season, as it is one low rate for the whole season and you can get a 20% early bird discount through June 25th! More houseguests and 100 days of summer, so you won’t want to miss a thing, right?

The new Big Brother 15 promo is pretty short and to the point, but it ends on a high note (literally) with Britney Haynes doing some pretty awful singing. Makes you want to tune in right?

We are counting down the days until the Big Brother 2013 premiere and season starts. We have plenty of action going on before CBS starts airing Season 15, so stick with us for all the scoops, spoilers and details. To get even more excited, don’t miss the promo above and order your Live Feeds for an uncensored look at the houseguests!

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