Big Brother 2013: Nick Uhas Big Brother 15 Cast Spotlight

Big Brother 15 Cast Nick UhasBig Brother 15 Cast Bio: Nick Uhas
Age: 28
Hometown: Hilliard, New York
Lives: New York, New York
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Marital Status: Single

Nickname: “Boogie Lover”
Catch Phrase: “Sick!”
Status: Click here for current status spoilers

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Something about Big Brother 15 cast member Nick Uhas just makes us feel… a bit creeped out. We’re not sure why. Maybe it’s his tendency to squeal and make high-pitched noises when talking about being a “professional stunt inline skater” — which we don’t think actually qualifies as a job. Notice how Big Brother 15 officially labels him as an “entrepreneur” not an “inline skater.” He actually says being an inline skater “defines who I am,” which we find a little sad.

Nick’s actual real job appears to be as an “automotive product specialist,” which apparently involves a whole lot of roaming around talking about cars because they are “sick.” Personally, we’d be sick if we had to sit around and listen to this guy talk about anything for very long, much less automobiles. Nick is so seriously full of himself that we can barely stand to listen to him chatter on about how awesome he is. You know, how he traveled around the world in 79 days and went to a Big 10 school and yada, yada, yada.

On the Big Brother fan scale, Nick says he is a “superfan” and his New Year’s commitment was to get on Big Brother because it is the ultimate challenge that will evoke his full potential stuff. Seriously, we already want this guy evicted. Until he is, we’re going to call him “Boogie Lover” because he’s apparently absolutely obsessed and in love with Mike “Boogie” Malin.

Nick’s Strategy:
“I want to create a four man alliance with a fifth person that’s more of a pawn. I want to take that alliance past the half way point and then it’s every man for himself.”

Will you be voting for Nick as the first Big Brother Most Valuable Player?

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