Big Brother 2013: McCrae Olson Big Brother 15 Cast Spotlight

Big Brother 2013 Cast McCrae OlsonBig Brother 15 Cast Bio: McCrae Olson
Age: 23
Hometown: Zimmerman, Minnesota
Occupation: pizza delivery guy
Marital Status: Single

Nickname: “McCrazy”
Catch Phrase: “Know Your Role, Shut Your Hole”
Status: Click here for current status spoilers

*Racism and Homophobia Controversy*: CBS Reponds to Big Brother 15 Racist, Homophobic Comments

When we saw photos of Big Brother 2013 cast member McCrae Olson, we were pretty sure he was going to be a totally dorky, freakish dude with a high whiny voice. Turns out he is a totally weird, dorky guy with a kind of sexy hot voice. If you close your eyes while he talks, you get a totally different picture in your head than when you look at him while he talks. Strange.

Anyway, McCrae says he is a huge Big Brother superfan, feedster and addict. McCrae calls himself a “delivery pizza boy” and he loves going out and meeting new people. For some reason he seems to think he is totally unique and no one out there looks like he does. We could run into about a dozen of this guy just walking to the coffee shop in the morning here in Seattle. Maybe long hair and a complete lack of anything resembling muscles is totally abnormal in Minnesota. Speaking of which, what were the Big Brother casting people so obsessed with Minnesota for this year?

There is a lot of speculation out there that McCrae is part of a rainbow gay contigent on Big Brother 15 this year, but we’re not so sure. He does ping our gaydar a bit but that may just be because he has the machismo of a house fly. He seems into the idea of a showmance and doesn’t look shifty about it, so we’re going to err on the side of straight on this one. Although his catch phrase “Know your role, shut your hole” is a little questionable…

McCrae’s Strategy:
“I have goofy hair and scrawny arms so I’m going to downplay myself, while building the other houseguests up. This will disarm my opponents, help me to get into their heads and play the mental game.”

Will you be voting for McCrae as the first Big Brother Most Valuable Player?

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