Big Brother Stars Halloween 2014 Hijinks! [PHOTOS]

By: on November 3, 2014 |

Big Brother stars old and new always pull out the stops with some of the most outrageous Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen! Last year, we witnessed some truly scary and hilarious outfits from our favorite Big Brother alums. For 2014, there were even more awesome Halloween hijinks going on, and we have the pics to prove […]

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Big Brother 15’s McCrae Olson Dating Ex-Girlfriend Again

By: on August 6, 2014 |

Former Big Brother 15 cast member McCrae Olson infamously dumped showmance girlfriend Amanda Zuckerman with a letter proclaiming his love for ex-girlfriend Jessica Fisher. Now it seems that McCrae has finally been able to lure Jessica back to his side and the two are officially back together. We first spotted the news over at that […]

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McCrae Olson Loves Ex Girlfriend, Regrets Amanda Showmance

By: on March 28, 2014 |

Big Brother 15 Houseguest McCrae Olson has come out in a big way. No, he hasn’t confessed he is gay. Instead, he’s pretty much admitted the whole time he was involved with fellow Big Brother 15 cast member Amanda Zuckerman, he was thinking about another woman. * The Big Brother 2014 Live Feeds Early Bird […]

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Amanda Zuckerman Posts Fake Ring, Slams Fans Thinking She’s Engaged

By: on January 9, 2014 |

We really just do not get what former Big Brother 15 HouseGuest Amanda Zuckerman is thinking sometimes. Earlier this week, there was this whole thing about boyfriend McCrae Olson saying in a radio interview that he wasn’t going to ask Amanda to marry him any time soon. Then, right after she had a Twitter war with […]

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Amanda Zuckerman Massive Twitter War Over Marriage Question

By: on January 6, 2014 |

In an interview with Shady Sykes on Sunday afternoon, Big Brother 15 alum McCrae Olson inadvertently launched a huge insult war between a fan and girlfriend Amanda Zuckerman. The war finally ended, at least on Amanda’s side, when Amanda blocked the fan with a final message after calling the guy a “commoner” and telling […]

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McCrae Olson Not Going to Marry Amanda Zuckerman Anytime Soon

By: on January 6, 2014 |

Big Brother 15 alum McCrae Olson had a long and very oddball interview with Shady Sykes from on Sunday. During the interview, McCrae revealed that he is not planning on popping the question to girlfriend Amanda Zuckerman any time soon. His announcement flies in the face of constant rumors the two are planning to […]

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Big Brother 15’s McCrae Olson Cuts Hair Off, We’re Not Impressed [PHOTOS]

By: on December 5, 2013 |

When we heard Big Brother 15 cast member McCrae Olson had cut his hair off, we were expecting some kind of fabulous, radical change when we ran to see the photos. Unfortunately, Mr. Amanda Zuckerman just looks, well, pretty much exactly the same as he did before. We were thinking maybe McCrae had decided to […]

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Big Brother Stars Share Their Thanksgiving Weekend Fun! [PHOTOS]

By: on December 2, 2013 |

We hope all of our wonderful readers had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends and family! Looks like quite a few of our Big Brother alumni were certainly having a good time over their holiday weekend. Of course, in this day of instant social media, everyone was happily posting pics of themselves enjoying their Thanksgiving feasts […]

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Will Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olson’s Love Fest Last? [PHOTOS]

By: on November 12, 2013 |

Big Brother 15 cast members McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman continue to defy the odds as their ‘showmance’ continues off screen. There were a lot of fans who were pretty confident these two would be over as soon as the show went off the air — especially since neither one of them won any money. […]

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McCrae, Jeremy and Judd Show Off Big Brother Tattoos [PHOTOS]

By: on October 16, 2013 |

Big Brother 15 cast members McCrae Olson, Judd Daughtery and Jeremy McGuire hit up a tattoo parlor in Tennessee earlier this week to commemorate their time on the show. The three BB15 guys were inked with three versions of the infamous Big Brother veto. McCrae’s girlfriend and showmance partner Amanda Zuckerman documented the fun on […]

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