Big Brother Stars Halloween 2014 Hijinks! [PHOTOS]

Big Brother stars old and new always pull out the stops with some of the most outrageous Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen! Last year, we witnessed some truly scary and hilarious outfits from our favorite Big Brother alums. For 2014, there were even more awesome Halloween hijinks going on, and we have the pics to prove it!

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd confuse Christmas with Halloween (Twitter)
Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd confuse Christmas with Halloween (Twitter)

Among the weirder Halloween costumes sported by Big Brother alums this year was the Mr. and Mrs. Elf outfits from newly engaged Jeff Shcroeder and Jordan Lloyd.

We think perhaps they may have gotten their holidays confused. Or else they are just so excited for Santa they couldn’t even wait for Halloween to be over before they skipped right past Thanksgiving and started celebrating the Yuletide. You know, like pretty much every retail store in the universe.

We have more picks of Jeff and Jordan, along with silly Halloween costumes from Big Brother alums Amber Bortzotra, Aaryn Gries, Brittany Martinez, Ashley Iocca, Christine Brecht, Cody Calafiore, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Hayden Voss, Nicole Franzel, Jeremy McGuire, JoJo Spatafora, Judd Daughtry, Kaitlin Barnaby, McCrae Olson, Nick Uhas, Rachel Reilly, Spencer Clawson, Victoria Rafaeli, and #Zankie reunited Frankie Grande and Zach Rance!

Big Brother 2014 Halloween Photo Gallery

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