Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Britney Haynes

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Britney Haynes

Britney Haynes - BIG BROTHER 12 (CBS)

Britney Haynes, 22, is the youngest Houseguest on Big Brother 12. She is a Hotel Sales Manager and hails from Huntington, Arkansas. She describes herself as “argumentative, comedic and opinionated” and loves to travel, argue, take her dog on walks, cook and clean.

The most difficult part of living in the Big Brother house for Britney is “sharing a bathroom and pretending to laugh at dumb comments.” In fact, she apparently just hates to be fake and have to smile at people when she can’t stand them (as she recently said in a mirror monologue while slathering on makeup), but she seems to do it constantly anyway.

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More Tidbits About Britney Haynes:

Britney’s strategy for taking over the Big Brother 12 house was to pretend “to be nice and always a bit elusive – people want what they can’t have!” So far, she is kind of following that strategy pretty well. Britney also, according to her CBS profile, abhors the thought of living with “old people.” We wonder if anyone over the age of 14 qualifies as “old” to Barbie girl Britney.

The blond, blue-eyed Southern girl predicted she would be underestimated in the house because “there’s a very stereotypical image maybe that I portray and that’s definitely not the whole story behind me.” Perhaps creepiest of all, Britney calls herself a “good mix of Chelsea Handler and Martha Stewart.” Scary!

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Britney has always loved Big Brother and told she has “always really respected the game” and can’t wait to be a part of it. Her favorite players are Janelle, Will and Mile “Boogie”. Her least favorite is Natalie, but she pretty much hated everyone from season 11. Didn’t everyone hate Natalie?

Check out more interesting details we’ve dug up about Big Brother 12 Houseguest Britney Haynes after the jump – including photos from her pageant days!

Sleuthing Britney:

Brtiney Haynes (Miss White River Pageant)
Britney Haynes (Miss White River Pageant)

Before she was a reality show babe, Britney Haynes was – of course – a pageant queen. How could she not be as a petite, blond Southern girl?

According to a sample registration document (PDF) listed at, Britney Haynes is the daughter of Lowell and Teresa Ashley of Huntington, Arkansas. She pursued a double major in the honors college studying Communication and Spanish at the University of Arkansas. She originally planned to start a career in Pharmaceutical sales.

If the document does indeed refer to BB12‘s Britney, it lists the blond beauty as 5’2″ and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma in college. She also advocated for the Reading is Fundamental program and loves New York City, cooking, spending time with her family and Razorback football.

We also found a weird profile at for a Britney Haynes. Because the photo is so small, we can’t be certain it is the right girl – although it does kind of look like her somewhat.

But on the off chance it is BB Britney, she apparently is “sexy, clean cut..and available,” “loves cowboys,” and wants to “save a horse so i can ride a cowboy.” The girl on the profile also considers sex a sport. The profile lists the girl at the wrong age though, so we’re thinking this connection might be pretty shaky. This girl also looks like the same person from this Facebook profile, but that doesn’t give us much in the way of clues either.

Our Thoughts on Britney:

Britney Haynes (Twitter photo)
Britney Haynes (Twitter photo)

Britney is arguably the stereotypical “babe” of the Big Brother 12 house. We considered her hook-up potential with other houseguests high, but so far nothing has panned out. We were really hoping she might get handsy with bisexual girl Annie, but now that we’ve watched Britney for a while, we’re guessing that would have NEVER happened. Sigh. We are a little surprised that she hasn’t made a hook-up with anyone on the show, but maybe she’s just loyal to someone back at home.

Britney Haynes (Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen Pageant)
Britney Haynes (Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen Pageant)

We were betting on Britney being one of the “bitches” of the house and likely to make serious enemies out of at least a few of the other girls. We were pretty right about that one! Kathy may pretend to like her, but we don’t buy any of it. Rachel hates her, it’s obvious. Kristen doesn’t seem to much care for her either. Only Monet, who got booted, seemed to like Britney – and that may have been a bit of a fake friendship on Monet’s part as well. We coulpredicted Britney would be betraying confidences and alliances in a heartbeat if given half the chance. She’s already spilled a few things she shouldn’t have and we’re betting it will only get worse!

Chances of Winning:

We may just have an inherent dislike of blond beauty queens, but we don’t really see Britney going all the way to the end. We also bet that when she does exit, it will be all kinds of drama!

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