Big Brother 18 Cast – James Huling – The Goofball

Big Brother 18 cast member James Huling, 31, hails from Wichita Falls, Texas and is a Staff Recruiter.  He is one of the returning houseguests who are being given a second chance this season.  He was originally on Big Brother 17 and placed seventh. He also won America’s Favorite Houseguest.

James Huling Big Brother 18

James Huling of Big Brother 17 and Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Now it’s time to go over his profiles on the CBS website.  For Big Brother 17, in his CBS profile James mentioned various outdoors and somewhat physical pursuits as his “favorite activities”.  His life motto was “Yolo, ball out till you fall out, no regrets!” which meant he was ready to play the game and have a blast doing it.

The current CBS bio for James focuses on his social game, although he was previously known as a competition threat (see below).  His primary strategy is to be a “tough guy and let my social game do what I do best” which he plans on doing by being “fun, cool and understanding”.  He describes himself as cool, calm and being a social tough guy.

James’ life motto has changed slightly, but it still indicates that he is here to play.  Per his bio, his life motto is “You only live once, [so] live, laugh, and love” which is akin to “YOLO” (you only live once) and even the “no regrets” of his previous profile

It’s time for a recap of James’ time on Big Brother 17.  While he ultimately ended up winning America’s Favorite Houseguest (most likely due to his goofy antics in the house), fans found him “creepy” because of his constant comments on the female houseguests, especially his “obsession” with Meg Maley.  James is a big fan of Taylor Swift and often compared Meg to her.  He tried several times to kindle a showmance with her, but was unsuccessful.  However, they were very close friends and allies.


James was known somewhat as a competition threat, winning six competitions in his time there – two Head of Households, two Power of Vetoes and two Battle of the Blocks.  His main alliance, The Goblins, fell apart pretty quick.

This alliance had a number of names at different times: James’ Angels, The Gremlins, The Minions, the After Dark Crew and The High Rollers).  The alliance was seven people and had an affiliate which may have been it’s downfall (sometimes too big of an alliance leads to problems).  It included Da’Vonne Rogers, who went home week two, as well as Audrey Middleton, who seemed to give up on the game when she was the target.

Considering James is a strong competitor, he has a good chance this season depending how the newbies handle the returnees.  He may be better off once the teams are broken into singles.  We can definitely look forward to some fun antics (like jumping out and scaring people) and maybe some creepy, yet entertaining, diary room sessions.


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