Big Brother Live Feeds Friday Report: 6/24/2016

Although the Big Brother 18 cast has been in the house for over a week, Friday was our first full day of actually getting to watch them on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Turns out the houseguests have been quite the busy little bees while we weren’t able to watch them. Which once again makes us hate when we don’t get to see that first week of them in the house figuring things out.

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WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet been shown on the CBS TV show, possibly including competition information or results, game play moves, alliances, showmances, etc. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

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Before we get into our Live Feeds highlights recap for Friday, let’s take a quick look at where we stand on current deals and alliances inside the house. As you can tell from our our chart below, kindly provided by @89Razorskate20, there’s quite a bit of wheeling and dealing already going on in the house.

Big Brother 18 Alliance Chart
The newbies alliance has been splintering as some of the rookies are starting to think teaming with the vets is a better long term game move. Paulie and Zakiyah in particular have already made firm deals with the returning players and are now part of the majority alliance in the house, the Eight Pack.

The second largest alliance is the the remaining newbies still set on getting the veterans out first, lead by Victor, Paul and Jozea but also dragging along Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette. Behind them comes the Fatal Five all girls alliance, which is a mix of both old and new players. Then we have another all girls alliance, the PowerPuff girls, with just new players Natalie, Bridgette and Bronte. Smaller deals being made so far include James and Nicole together, and Paulie, Corey and Frank together. Those are the main alliances and deals that seem to be in play currently.

The whole teams thing? Well, let’s just say alliances seem to be having a much stronger effect on gameplay so far than the arbitrary teams the houseguests have been put on. Now let’s see what the houseguests have been up to since the Big Brother Live Feeds were turned on late Thursday night/early Friday morning!

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds Highlights – 6/24/2016
* All times are Big Brother Time (BBT) which is also Pacific Time (PT)

10:00PM BBT – 12:00 AM BBT (Thursday night):

For the first hour or so that the Live Feeds are on, the houseguests don’t know they are live on camera. Which is rather entertaining because they always change a bit when they know they have an audience. In particular, Corey is rather freaked out when he finds out the feeds were on while he was ‘fake’ showmancing with Jozea and talking dirty, and says he is afraid people might think he is kind of “gay”. He gives a shoutout to his parents and swears he is straight. Yes, well, Corey it is often the most homophobic people who do turn out to be gay, but we get that you were just joking around.

Everyone is giving shoutouts to family members, past houseguests, etc. James gives a shoutout to Vanessa cause he gets to work with her sister. He’s among the quite a few folks who now seem to know that supposed secret.

We also get a bit of insider info on the casting process when Frank and Da’Vonne are talking and he says no one in their families can write a book for five years. That’s something I actually did not know. We also get our first look at a bit of showmancing going on with Zakiyah and Paulie doing some decently strong flirting and cuddling. Should be interesting to see how that develops. Zakiyah also reveals she was almost cast on the currently filming season of Survivor, but they changed things up last minute and she ended up on Big Brother instead. (That’s so very CBS, they do that all the time with Survivor/Big Brother/Amazing Race/Etc.)

Frank, Paulie, Bridgette and Michelle of Team Category 4 are on display in their punishment outfits as a result of coming in third in the first competition of the season. The costumes are basically just pieces of pixelated cardboard barely covering their private parts. The outfits pretty much make them look like blurred out naked people from The Sims games.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016 1

Paulie feels nervous about agreeing to go up as a pawn on the eviction block against Jozea, who is Head of Household Nicole’s current target. Frank, who is allied with both of them, assures him that there is no way the votes could go against Paulie if he still ends up a nominee on Thursday. Frank notes that the girls are totally expendable in the game. Meanwhile, their alliance mate Nicole has a bit of a crying session over being homesick and missing her mom.

Jozea has apparently upset some of the other houseguests by making some nasty remarks about how we shouldn’t celebrate the 4th of July because ‘no one asked Americans to die for their country’, called Native Americans indians, and said something negative about slavery abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Production keeps turning the Feeds to fish whenever someone brings up Jozea’s comments, so it is difficult to find out EXACTLY what he said. But regardless, he’s already basically everyone’s most disliked houseguest by both the other players and the fans watching the Live Feeds.

Plus, Jozea is so clueless about Big Brother that he doesn’t even know the Live Feeds are in color HD. He thought they were “thermal” or something like that. Really Jozea? Not to mention, but he also keeps wandering around in tiny underwear with his junk nearly hanging out. Probably because he thinks doing this will somehow get him more gigs as an underwear model, when, in fact, it’s just gross. Especially at the dinner table dude.

Big Brother Live Feeds 6-24-2016 5

We get our first clue about the new competition that will be aired on Sunday when we learn that Paul has gone up as a third eviction nominee. At first it seems that Nicole won some kind of competition where the winner was kept anonymous and got to select a nominee in secret. (Later we find out that it was actually Frank who won and nominated Paul, but not everyone is aware of this. Some still think it was Nicole.)

The Have-Nots are eagerly awaiting their week of punishment to be over at midnight and have a big feast planned. Paul is actually looking pretty bad off and pale from his week of slop. (Also we learn later that he’s not the only sickly person in the house. A number of HGs have been feeling nasty, and poor Da’Vonne apparently hasn’t pooped in a week!)

Speaking of Da’Vonne, she and Nicole talk about how the other houseguests have changed since they found out the Feeds are on. Nicole really is upset by this. She’s also furious at Jozea because he told her she should give a shout out to her now ex-boyfriend Hayden Moss. How rude! Also, Da’Vonne talks about the ‘trio’ alliance of Natalie, Bronte and Bridgette, so apparently her and her alliance buddies know all about it.

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