Amanda Zuckerman Massive Twitter War Over Marriage Question

In an interview with Shady Sykes on Sunday afternoon, Big Brother 15 alum McCrae Olson inadvertently launched a huge insult war between a fan and girlfriend Amanda Zuckerman. The war finally ended, at least on Amanda’s side, when Amanda blocked the fan with a final message after calling the guy a “commoner” and telling him he can “continue spending you’re [sic] entire life obsessing about me.”

Amanda Zuckerman Twitter

During the interview, McCrae was asked by a Big Brother fan — who goes by the moniker @AdderallVulture on Twitter — whether or not he planned on proposing to Amanda any time soon. McCrae instantly recognized the Twitter handle as someone he was very familiar with, a guy he told the interviewer was a “genius of hate.” In a sarcastic twist of words, McCrae said the fan, who he knows from Twitter, is “a maestro at what he does… He’s a maestro of hate.”

The guy McCrae was calling a ball of “hate” was perfectly nice in his question about whether or not McCrae and Amanda would be getting engaged soon, as the interviewer pointed out. However, if you do take a gander at @AdderallVulture’s Twitter feed, we do see he is very vocal about his opinions, and sometimes likes to call people ‘deranged cows.’ He also appears to have a deep-seated dislike of Amanda Zuckerman, labelling her at one point a #CreatureFromTheDeep. On the other hand, he seems to like McCrae even when he is saying how much McCrae needs to break up with Amanda, posting his thoughts about the couple several times under the hashtag #FreeMC.

In answer to @AdderallVulture’s question about whether or not he was planning on popping the question, McCrae said he is “not plan on proposing any time soon.” He explained by saying he is only 24, he’s too young, and he doesn’t even have any financial security right now. “It could be in the future, but I’m too young right now to do anything like that,” he said.

A few minutes later, Amanda Zuckerman herself called in. She immediately asked, apparently in jest, why McCrae “wouldn’t want to propose to your girlfriend who’s beautiful and nice to you.” McCrae, sounding a bit taken aback, counters that he “didn’t say I didn’t want to propose. I said that I couldn’t propose. Monetarily, I don’t have the means to propose, or to live a life of marriage and stuff like that. I would love to, but I just don’t have the means.”

Apparently McCrae didn’t realize immediately it was Amanda asking him the question, but finally gets it. After a bit of banter back and forth, during which Amanda says McCrae is “doing wonderfully” in his video, but needs to “stop saying I don’t know” so much. She signs off by saying she’ll be listening and “Big Brother is watching you.”

McCrae’s answer and Amanda’s subsequent call in ended up sparking a nasty back and forth between @AdderallVulture and Amanda Zuckerman on Twitter. @AdderallVulture said some things about “nutty ass” Amanda butting in on McCrae’s interview on his Twitter feed. Amanda responded by telling him that saying such things was “really mean,” to which the guy shot back that Amanda was trying to “attack” him. From there, things just went downhill very fast, with the fan calling Amanda a “disease” and worse, and Amanda calling him a “hater” and a “bully” with a “sick mind.”

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There’s far too much to repeat here, but if you want a little drama to lighten your day by reminding you why you probably don’t ever want to be on a reality TV show, you can check out Amanda’s Twitter feed here and @AdderallVulture here to see them go at it each other’s throats.

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