Big Brother 2013: Spencer Clawson Big Brother 15 Cast Spotlight

Big Brother 2013 Cast Spencer ClawsonBig Brother 15 Cast Bio: Spencer Clawson
Age: 31
Hometown: Conway, Arkansas
Occupation: Railroad Conductor
Marital Status: Single

Nickname: “Bakehead”
Status: Click here for current status spoilers

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Big Brother 2013 cast HouseGuest Spencer Clawson is our second ginger of the season and works as a railroad conductor. It is a rather unusual job in this day and age. Spencer says he is a hardcore Big Brother fans since season 6 and tries to recruit new watchers every year. He thinks Big Brother should be advertised as a “contest” rather than “reality TV” because it is so much more than those other trashy reality shows out there. He’s been thinking about trying out for years, but he finally took the plunge and was chosen at a live audition.

We think Spencer does qualify as a superfan because he was wise enough to know that producers would be into the “character” of a “dude with a bushy beard from the South” because of the popularity of “redneck reality shows” out there right now. In fact, he grew out the giant ginger beard just for the auditions — he normally wears a small goatee. Because of his job and his fiery beard, we’re going to call him “Bakehead” for now. You can read up on what that means here.

If Spencer can be as smart about playing the game in the Big Brother 15 house as he was about auditioning to get on the show in the first place, he could be trouble. If he doesn’t get the boot in the first couple of weeks, this guy could ride very far indeed, although he doesn’t fit the general stereotype of a Big Brother winner. We also think he has a solid strategy plan if he can manage to pull it off.

Spencer’s Strategy:
“First, form a secret four-man alliance within the first 48 hours. Next, use my likability factor and fun personality to keep everyone entertained. And finally, work my way into the friend zone with the women in the house, and make them miss their boyfriends and brothers back home.”

Will you be voting for Spencer as the first Big Brother Most Valuable Player?

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