Big Brother After Dark Recap 7/1/2016

Big Brother After Dark was on Friday night at 9:00pm PT (12:00am ET) and considering we now have a new BB Roadkill winner (that was not kept anonymous at the winners desire), the drama and game talk was in high gear.  There was also some heating up of a popular showmance.  The showmance is probably more like a flirtmance at this time, but it can definitely develop.

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CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

These recaps contain Big Brother spoilers that have not yet aired on the CBS TV show, but also offer an insight into different live camera feeds to let you know what’s going on in the house.  For more information on the Big Brother After Dark schedule, please click here.

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Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo were having a discussion about strategy.  They feel they need to show Paulie Calafiore, who is the current Head of Household, that he can trust them in order to gain some kind of safety.  They are also aware that they may also need to work the rest of the house (more specifically, those that voted to evict Jozea Flores in last Thursday’s live eviction). Victor did not seem to have concerns about being backdoored at this point since he thinks he is in Paulie’s good graces.  Paul is already on the block, so he is not worried about being backdoored.

The plan to backdoor a player is never a guaranteed thing. This year it is even a little more challenging depending on who the BB Roadkill nominee is.  When you have a nine person majority alliance (eight pack plus Paulie), then you generally have the votes to get out who you want.  In the event Victor is unable to be a replacement nominee, the alliance is perfectly content with getting our Bronte D’Acquisto.

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CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

 Paulie primarily nominated Bronte due to some personal jabs she has taken at him.  We will discuss the third BB Roadkill nominee later and its potential effects on the game.  In addition to Bronte, Paulie also nominated Paul, but he does not seem to be a target and is simply a pawn.  If you are trying to backdoor a houseguest, you generally want a strong player on your side to give you a better chance.  Paul won the last veto.

So far, it seems as if Paulie is going along with the advice of the Eight Pack alliance.  He is not formally a part of the alliance on account of simply not being in the room, but there have been talks by some members of the alliance of replacing Tiffany Rousso with Paulie. Paulie does have a “bros” alliance with Frank Eudy, Corey Brooks and Paulie.

All competitions and ceremonies/meetings have taken place since Thursday night when the East Coast airing of the live episode and the time this piece is being written (Sunday morning).  The schedule was as follows (and this generally followed the first week, except for the Head of Household competition which was done and filmed before the show even premiered):

  • Friday, 7/1/2016 (morning) – Nomination ceremony in the morning – all of the houseguests were woken up for the ceremony including Head of Household, Paulie, who did not expect to wake up to that
  • Friday, 7/1/2016 (afternoon to early evening) – BBRoadkill competition took place
  • Friday, 7/1/2016 (night) – Ceremony announcing the third nominee that was selected anonymously by the BBRoadkill winner
  • Saturday, 7/2/2016 (morning to early afternoon) – Power of Veto ceremony where they pick the other players for the competition, which is currently two since the three people on the block get to play along with the Head of Household
  • Saturday 7/2/2016 (late afternoon to early evening) – Power of Veto competition
  • Sunday 7/3/2016 (expected) – Power of Veto meeting where veto can be used, and if so, a replacement nominee will be made

Some Live Feed chatters (and houseguests) feel this has been rushed, but it is following the same format as last week.  In addition, with Monday being a holiday, many of the production staffers will be off for the day and they need time to edit everything before Wednesday’s airing (as well as the roadkill competition and ceremony before Sunday).  It is unknown what the schedule will be going forward.

Now, let’s discuss the implications of the BB Roadkill competition given the current situation.  Paulie has nominated Paul and Bronte with the hopes of backdooring Victor.  The only sure way for this to happen is the winner of the veto is not on the block and the person who does win, chooses to use it on Paul or Bronte.  If Victor wins the Veto, the plan cannot be completely.

The winner of the BB Roadkill competition does not gain immunity, but can definitely change up the game.  It turns out the target, Victor, won BB Roadkill and has decided to put up Tiffany.  Now, if Victor is drawn for Veto (which is was not), he could have further saved himself as well as an ally like Paul; however, if Tiffany were to win Veto and takes herself down, Victor would put up the replacement nominee – and he wouldn’t nominate himself!

Luckily, it turns out that Paulie won the veto and their backdoor plan is running smoothly.  However, Tiffany has definitely caused some problems in the house and has “rubbed people the wrong way”.  She has a had a few spats with Frank and some of her alliance doesn’t quite trust her.  In addition, she has been extremely emotional and a few alliance members feel they can’t tell her stuff and must babysit her to make sure she doesn’t spill any information.

While it is likely Victor will be evicted based on the majority alliance, a lot can happen between now and Saturday and we may see some action with people considering to evict Tiffany.  I am not sure if Jozea’s delusions are rubbing off on him, but he thinks he has the votes.  Victor seems to think that Nicole, Corey, Frank and Natalie Negrotti will vote to evict Tiffany.  This gives him five votes which could lead to a tie – with Paulie making the final decision.  Considering Da’Vonne doesn’t particularly trust Tiffany, and Zakiyah Everette is her number two, they could both betray the alliance.

Up in the Head of Household room, Tiffany is talking to Paulie (Michelle Meyer) may also be present, and Tiffany is telling her how she is getting paranoid while trying to hold back tears.  She claims she trusts her alliance, but is still scared she will go home.  She flat out had asked Frank and Frank lied to her face.  This is the third tiff that Tiffany and Frank have had in the last week which I think spells doom for the eight pack.  Paulie suggested that Frank probably only lied so Tiffany didn’t over-react about the situation.  He later backtracked and said that Frank may have lied so your reaction when it’s you was genuine.

Tiffany is very worried about going home and Paulie and Michelle assure her she is safe and that Victor or Bronte will be evicted.  Even though she is terrified, Tiffany talks about throwing the veto to prove her allegiance to the alliance.  If she wins the veto and uses it on herself, they cannot backdoor Victor, since he will name the replacement nominee.

Eventually, most of the eight pack which consists of James Huling, Nicole Franzel, Frank, Da’Vonne Rogers, Tiffany, Michelle, Zakiyah and Corey enters the Head of Household room.  Most of them avoid making eye contact with Tiffany since pretty much all of them knew she was going on the block.  At this point, Tiffany is bawling and whining that she is going to go home.  Her whole alliance assures her she is not; however, if she keeps this up for six days…then that could definitely change.  Her emotions, mannerisms, looks, etc. are almost identical to her sister Vanessa Rousso, who came in 3rd place in Big Brother 17, but I don’t feel like she has the manipulation power that Vanessa did.

One of the main worries of Tiffany’s alliance members (currently the majority alliance, which seems to be favored in this game considering the twists and such), was that she would become too emotional and give out information.  She decides to have some girl time and go and talk to Natalie and Bronte.  Normally, she would talk to the members of Fatal Five, but they seem to be avoiding her.  At first, she is trust crying and ranting about this being their way of getting her out.  She again says she is paranoid and that and claims her “mind is not stopping right now”.  Natalie and Bronte comfort her and let her know she is safe, but Tiffany finds yet another reason regarding getting rid of a strong female target.

Given, there have been talks about the difference of males versus females left in the house, but Paulie didn’t fall for it when Paul and Victor brought it up, so I doubt it will ever come to fruition.  Bronte defends this opinion by telling Tiffany that the other men in the house are scared of Victor (Bronte has said a few times this episode that she thinks Victor is a competition beast) and they would rather battle each other.

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CBS Big Brother 18 Live Feeds

Now that we got the serious drama and strategy talk out of the way, let’s focus on one of our favorite flirtmances that we hope (or at least I hope) turns into a showmance.  With Paulie being Head of Household, he can sleep in the same bed with Zakiyah in private.  They were shown cuddling in the Head of Household bed.  They were flirting with each other hard and were talking about cuddling and holding hands.  Zakiyah asked Paulie if he was uncomfortable with what they had going on, he quickly answered “no”, but suggested that they need to be careful about it.  Both of them are aware that showmances (or even very close duos) put targets on your backs.  Paulie assures her that she doesn’t need to worry about any of the other girls in the house when it comes to him.

Unfortunately, we were looking forward to a week where they got to sleep in the same bed in privacy, but sadly, Da’Vonne’s team are have-nots this week which includes Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Paul.  I am sure we will get some steamy moments, but no sleeping together.

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