Thursday night’s live eviction episode left the self-appointed Messiah of the newbies, Jozea Flores, speechless leaving the Big Brother 18 house. The veterans were able to make a strong statement to the newbies as to the power they can harness in the game with their 8-Pack alliance. The final vote for Jozea’s eviction was 7-4, with Paulie receiving 4 votes and Bridgette safe with no votes from the houseguests (HG).

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Jozea felt the most betrayed by his friend Natalie that he believes is weak-minded and was promised safety in the game by other players. As promised this summer, a new twist was announced that will give the first five evicted HG’s the opportunity to re-enter the BB game at a later date. CBS is fulfilling their promise of “expect the unexpected”.

Immediately following the live eviction ceremony, the HG’s were hustled into the backyard for the second Head of Household (HOH) competition of the season. The HG’s began competing in the “Berry Balanced” game to decide the second HOH. This is a physical skill-based competition with balance as the primary technique needed for victory. The players race across balance beams relay-style choosing between a shorter more difficult path or a longer much easier path with a goal of collecting red berries.

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Once 40 red berries had been collected by a team, one last team member would collectively be chosen to retrieve the final blueberry. The first player to reach the finish line with the blueberry will be crowned HOH. Any player falling off of their balance beam during the competition would be eliminated from the race and no longer eligible to win HOH. The winning HG not only wins HOH but also provides safety to their entire team from eviction for the week.

Sunday’s show left off with the teams just starting the competition with no clear team in the lead. Tonight, the remainder of the “Berry Balanced” competition will be finished thus revealing the new HOH for the upcoming week. We can look forward to seeing the new HOH’s personalized room with special notes from family members back home along with treats previously requested by the HG’s. The HOH will then be left with the daunting task of nominating two HG’s to the block for eviction next Thursday evening.

One of the new shocking twists of this summers’ game is the Road Kill competition which will also be shown this evening. The winner of that competition will be able to secretly nominate a third member of the house to the Block. Last week the secret nomination didn’t have much impact on the game, but the new twist should bring some shocking surprises to the game as the summer rolls along.

Tonight’s episode will be packed with the winners of two competitions, two HG’s nominated to the Block for eviction, another HG secretly nominated to the Block for eviction, and updates on all of the BB alliances. Will the veterans continue to show their power and dominance in the game or will the newbies finally take that power for themselves and win HOH? Is the 8-Pack alliance still strong or has pressure from the house started to unravel the tight group? This along with much more will be revealed tonight on Big Brother!


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