Who will get evicted on Big Brother 15 this week? We know who we think will go home on Thursday night, but we want to know which hamster you think is headed out the door! So far on Big Brother 2013, we’ve had one eviction that was relatively predictable and one that ended up being kind of a shocker if you weren’t watching all the behind-the-scenes scheming and vote flipping happening on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Which type of eviction will it be on the live show Thursday night?

Who Will Go Home This Week

The CBS Big Brother 15 show on Wednesday revealed the final three HouseGuests facing eviction this week: Jeremy, Aaryn and Spencer. Jeremy landed on the block after previous eviction nominee Kaitlin, his showmance girlfriend, won the Power of Veto Competition and saved herself. Aaryn and Spencer both have their enemies, but right now the backdoor plan to get Jeremy evicted seems solid. However, we saw last week that what seems like a virtually flawless plan can have a huge monkey wrench thrown into it at the last minute.

So who will be eliminated on Big Brother 15 on Thursday night? If we have to chime in and make our own Big Brother prediction for elimination this week at this point, we’re feeling pretty good about Jeremy actually getting properly backdoored by Helen and her gang tomorrow night. But we are always willing to admit it when we get it wrong. There are almost 24 hours left for the HouseGuests to do all kinds of crazy things.

Tell us who you think will be the one who goes home on Big Brother 15 this week below!

Be sure to join us here Thursday night for our live Big Brother recap of the eviction results and find out who was voted off this week!

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