Big Brother After Dark 2015 Premieres on Pop Network [Video]

Big Brother After Dark fans can rejoice because the new season premieres on Thursday night! Well, technically it starts at midnight on Friday morning, but you get the gist. Following the premiere, BBAD will run for three hours each night from midnight to 3AM.

Big Brother After Dark 2015 (Pop)
Big Brother After Dark 2015 (Pop)

Big Brother After Dark 2015 will no longer be airing on TVGN for season 17, because TVGN no longer exists. We wish we could report that the Big Brother 17 companion show was moving back to Showtime, but sadly we cannot. Instead, BBAD will now air on the Pop channel.

What the hell is the Pop channel and why is Big Brother After Dark moving there? Yeah, we had to look that up because we’d never heard of it. Pop TV is apparently the sort-of replacement for TVGN, and is also owned by CBS.

Unfortunately this means that Big Brother After Dark will still have the same censorship issues and limitations as the previous version on TVGN. So fans wll likely not get the full range of foul language usually uttered by Big Brother cast members, and won’t be seeing any nudity or sexual content either.

We will, however, as Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen says, have:

“A smile to the face, a knife in the back.
The game is afoot and there’s no turning back.”

Frankly, we’d just slide right by a censored Big Brother After Dark and just skip directly to the CBS All Access Pass for the Big Brother Live Feeds. Not only can you watch as many hours as you want to, but you can just ignore all the boring parts and only watch the good stuff. Including all that foul language, nudity, and naughty action between the sheets that you can’t get anymore on Big Brother After Dark.

However, if you do want to watch BBAD, you can go search the channel finder at to see if it is available in your area. Good luck with that though if you aren’t in a major city or on a major cable network.

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