Rachel Reilly Gives Her Take on Big Brother Canada 2 [VIDEO]

Big Brother winner and The Amazing Race star Rachel Reilly has been all over the television lately! We’ve been watching her and husband Brendon Villegas on The Amazing Race 24, she was taping recently for The Bold and the Beautiful again, and she was up north for the Big Brother Canada Side Show after the most recent eviction.

The Amazing Race 24 All Stars Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly - Source: CBS

Now we have yet another appearance by Rachel on The Morning Show from Global News talking all about her take on Big Brother Canada 2014. The former Big Brother winner said this season is “so much fun, honest to god, it’s amazing.”


We agree that Big Brother Canada 2 has been a blast, but we have to say we’re getting just the tiniest bit tired of seeing Rachel Reilly all over the television all the time. Maybe you’re a big Rachel and Brendon fan and don’t want to hear it, but we think maybe it’s time to pass the torch. Or at least get real entertainment jobs and not just constantly appear on reality TV shows and commenting about reality TV shows.

And if we see Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas on one more CBS reality TV season…

Give it a rest CBS, you’re still pushing a couple that almost broke up because the guy splashed his naked junk all over Skype to some chick and it got leaked to the Internet. Oh, and then admitted he had been having “cybersex” with three different women. And Rachel actually didn’t dump his ass hardcore and let him get away with it. Hardly the kind of role models we really want to look up to here.

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