Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 25: All About Nicole

Yesterday, Gr8ful decided that Nicole Anthony was the source of their problems. She was not. However, the Big Brother 21 alliance needed to continue that narrative to stay strong this week and beyond. Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone especially felt attacked by Nicole’s game behavior. They believed she had falsely accused them of bullying her, and they even went as far as to question whether Nicole had made up personal things for game purposes.

Nick and Bella were set on nominating and evicting Nicole this week. The rest of Gr8ful wasn’t so sure. Christie Murphy was especially uncertain of whether Nicole really needed to go this week, especially over Cliff Hogg III who they believed had openly stated that he would target the couples. Christie also feared that he could win the puzzle competitions going forward. Additionally, Christie wanted to keep Nicole as a weapon they could use to take out Nick and Bella without getting the blood on their hands themselves.

Christie presented Nick with her reasons for wanting to take out Cliff (minus the using Nicole as a weapon against him thing), but Nick had his own counter arguments, like Nicole possibly being good at the wall comp. We were definitely in for one of those weeks where we had the HOH wanting one thing, and his alliance wanting something different. Nick even tried to get everyone to agree to take Cliff off the block if they won Veto. They agreed but then the plan changes to taking Jessica Milagros off the block.

Cliff and Nick also talked, and Cliff said that he never planned to go after the couples.

It was a day filled with lots of Nicole bashing from Nick and Bella. Nick kept comparing her to Vanessa Rousso and saying she was playing hard. Eventually, Nicole had a meditated conversation with both Nick and Bella. The Bella and Nicole one didn’t go well at all, and created more animosity between the two women. The Nick and Nicole one was more civil, but Nick still wants Nicole out this week. After the Nick, Bella, and Nicole talk, Christie was even more fired up to keep Nicole to screw over Bella and Nick’s game. She said she would still use the Veto to save Jess (if she won it), but she wasn’t voting out Nicole. Cliff would be the one going out.

In the morning, Christie changed her mind and decided to tell Jack Matthews that she won the Diamond Power of Veto, and that she won the Panic Whacktivity competition. This made Tommy Bracco, Christie, and Jack feel even better about their final three deal, since they are the only three that know Jack and Christie both have Whacktivity powers. They decided to name their three person alliance LOL for Lots of Love.

The Power of Veto competition played out late on Saturday. Big Brother 20’s Kaitlyn Herman returned to host it, and it resulted in the surprise victory of Kathryn Dunn. Kat immediately celebrated with Jessica and let her know that she would use the Veto to save her this week. Christie immediately went to work to ensure that Nicole stayed this week and Cliff went home. She started to talk to the rest of Gr8ful about the vote flip, and they were all on board. We still have a few days, so expect the vote to flip about 2 dozen more times before we find out the last member of Camp Comeback.

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