Big Brother 21 Episode 9 Recap: New Nominations & Final Whacktivity Power

Kemi Fakunle is the newest member of Big Brother 21 Camp Comeback, along with Ovi Kabir and David Alexander. She was evicted by a vote of 10-1, while Jessica Milagros was spared from eviction. Now that Nick Maccarone is Head of Household, he will have a hand in selecting the final Camp Comeback member before the four houseguests compete to battle their way back into the house. Who will Nick nominate for eviction this week?

Big Brother 21 Nick Maccarone

The final Whacktivity power is up for grabs tonight, and the competitors include Nick, Jessica, Analyse Talavera, and Christie Murphy. Kemi will not participate in this comp because she was evicted and can’t compete as Camp Comeback member. This increases everyone else’s chances of winning. Who will win this final Whacktivity power?

Week 2 Eviction Fallout

Let’s not forget Kemi’s pre-eviction speech where she threw Nick and Isabella Wang under the bus. She accused them of playing both sides of the house, and she warned the houseguests that the writing was on the Big Brother wall. Of course, now that Nick is HOH, he feels like he got the best revenge possible, while Kemi sits in Camp Comeback.

Tensions between Bella and Kemi exploded: an ugly name calling match ensued between the former friends. Kemi needs to remember that Bella’s showmance Nick is HOH and does hold power in the house right now. Although Kemi is already in Camp Comeback, Nick could make her life miserable by turning everyone against her.

Big Brother 21

Kemi’s eviction was not unanimous: there was one rogue vote cast by Jackson Michie. The house is in an uproar over who cast the rogue vote, and Nicole Anthony is very scared that the Big Brother 21 house suspects her as the culprit. Michie confessed to his bro Jack that he was the one who cast the vote. They both vow to keep this a secret.

HOH Nick started to suspect that Michie was the houseguest that cast the rogue vote to evict Kemi. Nick pointed out in the diary room that Michie was acting paranoid and kept bringing up Nicole’s name as the culprit. Nick may be a bit more savvy of a game player than expected. Nick had a private conversation with Nicole and promised he would NOT put her up for eviction this week.

Week 3 Whacktivity Competition

The final Whacktivity competition is underway, the Panic Whacktivity. Competing are Analyse, Jessica, Nick, and Christie. The houseguests are faced with a large open box with thousands of Madagascar hissing cockroaches. Underneath the cockroaches lies a message with symbols the players must decipher.

The player that can correctly decipher the symbols to create the hidden message in the fastest time wins the Panic Whacktivity competition. The winner receives the final secret power in the Big Brother 21 house.

Big Brother 21 Christie Murphy

With a time of 7 minutes and 41 seconds, Christie won the final Whacktivity competition. The Panic Power gives Christie the power to turn the golden Power of Veto (POV) into the diamond POV. This power entitles the POV holder to not only remove someone from the block, but they also have the power to name the replacement nominee rather than the HOH. In addition, this is all done anonymously.

House Chatter

As payback to Bella, Kemi shared with Nicole that Christie overheard Cliff Hogg III’s cam talk where he named his alliance with Nicole and Ovi. Nicole is not only worried about her game but also Cliff’s game at this point. She ran to Cliff with the tea as quickly as possible. Cliff acknowledged his mistake, and the two vow to distance themselves from one another right now.

Week 3 Nomination Ceremony

As HOH, Nick nominated Jessica and Cliff to the block for eviction this week. Will either nominated houseguest be able to save their game by winning the POV?

Big Brother 21

Join us again Wednesday July 17 at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition.

Big Brother 21

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