Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Final Two Houseguests Revealed? [UPDATE]

Will Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra of The Amazing Race become the final two Big Brother 17 cast members we think are still missing? Did Jeff’s family member accidentally out him before the official reveal? Do alleged CBS Big Brother 2015 cast photos of Jeff and Jackie provide the final evidence they will be more than just guests this season?

Jeff and Jackie on The Amazing Race (CBS)
Jeff and Jackie on The Amazing Race (CBS)

If you have watched many CBS reality TV shows over the years, you have probably noticed that contestants from their reality shows tend to show up on other CBS shows rather regularly. Take for example Hayden Moss, who went from Big Brother to Survivor. Well, it looks like CBS may have done yet another crossover by shuffling a competitor from The Amazing Race to the Big Brother 17 cast.

Jeff Weldon and partner Jackie Ibarra were part of The Amazing Race 26 cast, which pitted long term couples against ‘blind date’ hookups in teams racing around world for a million dollars. Jeff and Jackie were partnered in a ‘blind date’ so to speak. We don’t know that they ever really ‘hooked up’ while on the show, but Jackie certainly seemed interested in something more than just friends.

According to his Amazing Race profile, Jeffrey Weldon is a 26 (maybe now 27) year old sales account executive. His favorite hobbies include fitness, networking, spending time with family, and anything outdoors. He’s single, unless something has changed since his time on TAR or him and Jackie really did get together.

According to Big Brother spoilers source MissCleoBB, it looked fairly certain that Jeff Weldon, at least, would be appearing on Big Brother 17 in some capacity. Maybe as a guest, maybe as a member of the cast. It was unclear exactly what his role might be, but there did seem to be a strong case he would be on the show in some way.

MissCleoBB claims that he uncovered Jeff Weldon as a Big Brother 17 cast member after discovering a family member had posted a message on Facebook and Twitter about the former Amazing Race competitor going away for “four months.” During this time, Jeff would not be able to communicate at all with the outside world. The post on Facebook was quickly removed, but not before it had already been screenshotted and shared. Then it was discovered that Jeff’s Twitter account has been locked to private, which happens with all incoming Big Brother cast members.

Jeff Wheldon Twitter

What about Jeff’s partner on The Amazing Race, Jackie Ibarra? Well, it didn’t take long before rumors started to swirl that she might be on Big Brother 2015 too Especially since her social media accounts seemed to have switched hands or been shut down as well.

Additional possible evidence was uncovered by BigBrotherLeak. In a new CBS ‘Meet the Houseguests’ video, a bulletin board can be seen containing notes from Big Brother 17 cast members, including a mysterious “Jackie” in the upper left corner. The note just to the right of “Jackie” appears to possibly be signed “J Weldon” if you zoom in really close. This really does scream they are part of the cast doesn’t it? MissCleoBB has even compared Jackie’s signatures on the note with the one on The Amazing Race banner for last season, and they do appear to match — heart and all.

Big Brother Spoilers Post-Its

The name Niki La Rue, BTW, which can be seen on one of the notes, is actually a nickname for one of the already announced cast members, possibly Jace, according to what we’ve seen on Twitter. The rest of the notes are all signed by already announced cast members, except for that mysterious “Jackie” note and the one next to it…

Now we have what may be the final evidence that Jeff and Jackie will indeed be joining the Big Brother 17 cast — Houseguest photos! Yes, it appears that pics of Jeff and Jackie in what looks like cast photos have now been leaked. We’ll just have to wait and see if they actually do show up as part of the cast either on Thursday night, or later in the season. Or if this is all just some sort of crazy tease.

Big Brother 17 Jeff Wedon and Jackie Ibarra


If Jeff and Jackie really are on the Big Brother 17 cast, do you think it is fair for CBS to recycle their reality TV stars yet again, instead of letting two newbies have a chance?


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