Big Brother 22 Spoilers: David Blows Up Tyler’s Game

David Alexander technically played Big Brother before but not really. He was the first person evicted from the Big Brother 21 house, then he hung around the game for a few weeks, without actually playing. David went into Big Brother: All-Stars as a rookie, and it’s showing.

He’s been making terrible game moves, and it reached an all-time high yesterday, when he released a bunch of little bombs (figuratively) into the game. One that could blow up his biggest ally, Tyler Crispen’s game. 

David’s bad gameplay was an all-day event, but specifically, I will be discussing how he told Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton that Tyler was one of the people that told him Da’vonne was trying to flip the votes against him. This is a completely true statement, and when Tyler told David, he asked him to not tell Da’vonne because it would hurt his game.

Bayleigh acted as a mediator and got David and Da’vonne in a room together so that the three of them could hash things out. David started the conversation (which was around 10:15 BBT) by trying to say that Janelle Pierzina made a claim that Da’vonne tried to flip the votes against him last week. He then said that multiple sources confirmed this, and when they asked him to name names. He quickly said Tyler and Cody Calafiore. Bayleigh even added a “wow.” 

Da’vonne told David that now she needed to fact check his claims. David tried to get Da’vonne to see how that could hurt his game. They ended up agreeing that she would fact check with Janelle, and he would with the guys. The conversation went on to discuss if Bay, Day, and David actually had trust in their alliance because David didn’t come to Da’vonne originally when he heard the rumor.

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Da’vonne even started crying because she felt she stuck out her neck for him, and to see he still didn’t trust her hurt. Later, Da’vonne did ask Janelle to clarify things (around 11:50 BBT). Janelle said that she never told David that and that she told him she wanted to work with them. It made no sense for her to throw Da’Vonne under the bus. Day then discussed with Kevin Campbell and Bayleigh whether she should fact check with Cody and Tyler. They both were hesitant for her to question them, but Kevin eventually encouraged her to do it.

Later, Tyler and David sat down to talk (around 11:45 BBT). David tells Tyler that he told Bayleigh and Da’vonne. Tyler claimed he “was not mad,” but he was clearly mad. He told David how this ruined his game and Day would never trust him. She would come after him next. While alone in his HOH room, Tyler discussed how now the Slick Six alliance couldn’t work, and he would have to get Da’vonne out before she got him.

Earlier today, Tyler made an attempt to clear up the situation by spinning it on Kaysar Ridha. Saying he told David that Kaysar was the one saying that he had Da’vonne’s vote. He also claimed to be trying to throw David off the scent that they are working together.  She later talked to Cody about it, and he tried to spin it even more away from him being the source of the Da’vonne flip vote talk. He also tried to help David out by saying he thought David was just trying to find a team. 

Whether this slip of the tongue from David comes back to bite Tyler, we’ll have to wait and see.

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