Who Won Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brothers All-Stars? (8/26/20)

After a 15-year history together on Big Brother 6 and Big Brother 7, will Janelle Pierzina or Kaysar Ridha’s on-screen friendship end this week on Big Brother All-Stars? The HOH of the week, Tyler Crispen, nominated the long-time Big Brother duo to the block for eviction this week after suspicions were high that they were coming after the other side of the house.

Big Brother All-Stars Janelle Kaysar

On tonight’s episode, Janelle and Kaysar will both have a chance to save their games by winning the golden Power of Veto. Will Kaysar or Janelle take themselves off the block with a POV win, or will another houseguest win the POV and take them down forcing Tyler to name a replacement? Let’s find out tonight.

Week Three Block Nominations Fallout

Tyler felt as though Janelle and Kaysar were his biggest threats in the house, and that is why he nominated them for eviction this week. He knows they are working together, and it was time for someone to make a big move in the Big Brother house.

Da’Vonne Rogers is working both sides of the house and is making sure to be in favor with Janelle and Kaysar in case one or both of them end up staying in the house this week.

Week Three Alliance Updates

Dani Donato is making sure all of her bases are covered inside the Big Brother All-Stars house. Although she has many alliance agreements, she is not afraid to stab any one of them in the back if need be to help her game. Dani wants to make sure that Tyler gets rid of her number one target this week, Janelle.

Big Brother All-Stars

Week Three Power of Veto Competition

Six players will compete in the POV competition, the HOH Tyler and the two block nominees Janelle and Kaysar. The three picks were Cody Calafiore, Bayleigh Dayton, and Memphis Garrett. Although the POV picks do not favor Janelle and Kaysar, they were both determined to do whatever they need to do to stay inside the Big Brother All-Stars house.

The POV competition is called Cupcake Clash. Players will go head-to-head against one another, two at a time, trying to create an entirely pink cupcake, blue cupcake, and yellow cupcake. Cupcake puzzle pieces will be moved around one at a time and no piece of the cupcake is allowed on the ground.

Big Brother All-Stars POV Competition

The first player in each match to build all three cupcakes correctly and ring their bell will advance in the competition. The matchup order was completed by random draw. The first round match-ups will be Kaysar and Tyler, Cody and Bayleigh, and Memphis and Janelle. After the first round, Tyler, Cody, and Memphis won the first round matches.

Tyler finished with the fastest time of any of the three winners so he will move directly to the championship match. Cody beat Memphis in the second round of competition. Tyler and Cody competed in the final round, and Cody won the golden POV.

After the POV competition, Janelle approached Kaysar with game talk. She told him that she feels like the bigger target and the bigger threat. She feels that if he will just let her go peacefully, he will still have a shot to win the Big Brother title. Kaysar wants to throw a Hail Mary and try to convince Tyler to keep both of them in the game.

Memphis is on everyone’s radar for throwing another competition. Everyone knows he threw the Safety Suite comp, and now it appears he threw the POV competition.

Week Three Safety Suite Punishment

Christmas Abbott received her Safety Suite punishment after Enzo Palumbo chose her as his plus one. She is now responsible to take care of the All-Star baby during the week in the “All-Star is Born” punishment. Christmas must tend to her baby’s every need and demand.

Big Brother All-Stars Punishment

She must play with her, feed her, change her, burp her, bounce her, sooth her, walk her, and every other responsibility of a new parent 24 hours a day. The babies kept coming. In the end, Christmas ended up with 9 babies to care for this week. Now that’s a Big Brother punishment!

Week Three Power of Veto Ceremony

Cody decided not to use the POV to save Kaysar or Janelle meaning one of two powerful duo will be evicted tomorrow evening. Join us again Tomorrow night, Thursday August 27th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST. Who will be evicted tomorrow night, Janelle or Kaysar?

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