Celebrity Big Brother Week 3 Power Ranking–Who is in the Best Position Going into the Double Eviction?

Can you believe that Celebrity Big Brother is almost over? It’s sad that it has to come to such an abrupt ending. Right now, it is anyone’s guess about how they are going to go from five houseguests to one on Sunday’s Celebrity Big Brother finale.

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With seven houseguests still inside the house, it’s time for our last power ranking. Things have shifted quite a bit since we last ranked the Celebrity Big Brother players. Here’s everyone’s position going into tonight’s double eviction, and Sunday’s finale.

7. James Maslow

Despite being in a better spot than last week, James Maslow really have much power. He’s too busy being hung up on a personal vendetta against Brandi Glanville. James has been able to influence Mark McGrath with his anti-Brandi agenda. That said, I have to think that Ariadna Gutierrez, Brandi, and Marissa Jaret Winokur have him on their radar for the double eviction.

James is a physical threat that could make a run to the end if they don’t get him out really soon, like tonight. Hopefully these women see that,  or else they’ll kick themselves for not getting him out. If an HOH is wasted on Omarosa, then they will have made a mistake because James poses a much bigger threat to everyone else other than Mark.

6. Mark McGrath

Celebrity Big Brother Mark McGrath

This was tricky but I’d say Mark maybe has slightly more power than James, I suppose. They are really neck and neck, and James is perhaps more aggressive in his agenda. Players are more willing to listen to Mark, and to keep him around. He and James only really have any power because Ross and Marissa allow them any.

The musical duo are hedging their bets with Marissa and Ross in terms of alliances. In the grand scheme of things, Mark is a pawn and will either be disposed of or beaten in the final two because he’s not viewed as a real threat to win. And rightfully so, Mark spent his only HOH thus far on settling a personal score that is mostly attributed to someone else.

5. Brandi Glanville

I was going to put Brandi below James and Mark, but she does have some sway here and there. Brandi was talking to Omarosa and Ariadna about potentially rallying against Ross or Marissa, and they’d do it. The issue is that they probably won’t be able to get another vote to save Brandi, which they desperately need.

Celebrity Big Brother Brandi Glanville

Her attitude and honesty has gotten her into trouble. James can’t get over the fact that she tells him how everyone feels, and Ross is looking for a reason to be able to cut his losses. When Brandi drinks, she maybe is more honest than she should be in the Big Brother house, and the rest of them are ready to pounce and leave her out to dry. It’s a shame because Brandi has played well; things just keep piling on and she’s going to need to work incredibly hard to save herself from an eviction tonight.

4. Omarosa

Omarosa is really not considered  credible in the Big Brother house, which makes her sort of on borrowed time. But somehow someway, Omarosa is still there with a shot to go the distance. If she gets power, it will probably pay off as she can show loyalty to some people.

Omarosa wants to take out Ross because he is standing in everyone’s way. She has a good read on things and people, but her issue is  that nobody considers her trustworthy. But she proved herself to be a vote when people need it, or someone that people might need to rely on down the stretch. The problem for them is that Omarosa is out for herself. They better hope she doesn’t get the chance to make things happen because it could get messy. Don’t count her out just yet.

3. Marissa Jaret Winokur

Celebrity Big Brother Marissa Jaret Winokur

Marissa is in the power alliance, both of them, but nobody really listens to her. Now that she’s on the block, we’ll see how willingly people are to turn on her, but it’s seemingly a foregone conclusion that Marissa will survive. She’s not a threat to win against, and not a threat in the competitions.

Brandi’s best shot of survival is convincing Ross that he needs her over Marissa to win the game. It probably won’t work but it’s worth a shot. Marissa is somewhat expendable since she hasn’t been a part of the decision making.

2. Ariadna Gutierrez

Ariadna was on the block this week but promptly saved herself, and she was never really in trouble. Nobody wants to take Ari, which  they might regret  because I think she’s a lock to win if she makes the final two. They all adore Ari and it’s easy to see why. If Brandi does leave, she becomes less of a target and should slip through to the final four.

Celebrity Big Brother Ariadna Gutierrez

If Ari can keep Marissa and Omarosa close to her, it should work out well. The issue is Ross, she needs him out of the way, as they are each other’s biggest competition. It’s going to come down to who strikes first, and who has the firmer grip on Marissa.

1. Ross Mathews

Last but not least is Ross. Brandi and Ariadna were in a better spot last time because Ross was more out in front and obvious. Yet, Mark and James are too blind to see it and are too afraid of the women. Marissa isn’t willing to make the bold moves that needs to be made (yet). Ariadna, Brandi and Omarosa are woke though, and maybe they can take a shot at Marissa to get at Ross, or perhaps Brandi will have to go, but maybe Ariadna and Omarosa can work together to get Ross out.

The issue is that James is still a problem too and it’s going to be difficult to navigate getting rid of Ross. But it’s not impossible. It’s difficult to determine how the endgame will play out with so many of them still left. Ross has left a lot of jurors feeling upset and it may come back to get him one way or another. He has control now but how long can he sit on the fence between both alliances?

Celebrity Big Brother Ross Mathews

That’s it for the Celebrity Big Brother Power Rankings. We’ll be back in the summer for Big Brother 20. Be sure to follow us at @BigBroAccess on Twitter for updates from the house and any Big Brother news. Thanks for your support!

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