Big Brother 25 Episode 9 Recap: No Clucking Around

In an interesting turn, Felicia Canon won the Head of Household competition for week three inside the Big Brother 25 house at the ripe young age of 63. Although she is aligned with Hisam Goueli, last week’s HOH, she and many other houseguests are ready to send him out the backdoor.

BB25 Jag

Her secondary alliance, the Bye, Bye Bitches led by Cirie Fields, suggested that Cameron Hardin be nominated to the Big Brother 25 block. They felt he would fight the hardest to come off the block, leaving the door open to replace the nomination with Hisam. Jag Bains was also placed on the block as this week’s pawn. This strategy will be tricky if they can pull it off without Hisam catching wind of the plan.

Week Three Block Nomination Ceremony Aftermath

Felicia told everyone in the house about her backdoor plan except Red Utley. She is worried because of Red’s dedication to the Professor’s alliance. That is why she chose not to tell him about the backdoor plan.

Meanwhile, Hisam does not know he is the target in the Big Brother 25 house this week. He has stated in the diary room how safe he is this week with the Professors in control. Never be too safe in the Big Brother house, Hisam!

Big Brother 25 Alliance Updates

Cameron is tight with Red and spills the beans to him about Hisam. Cameron isn’t even in the Professor’s alliance with Red, so he is very upset when Cameron knows the plan, and he doesn’t. Red grows straight to Felicia.

Felicia stayed true to her story that Jag was the target. Red mentioned Hisam being a potential threat, and Felicia immediately knew someone had told Red about the plan to backdoor Hisam. She carefully mentioned the possibility of targeting him this week to see how Red would react. Red is on board to evict Hisam, but he wasn’t included in the plan originally, which makes him leary.

In return for telling him about the plan to backdoor Hisam, Red told Cameron about the Professors. Red wants to fill the void in the alliance once Hisam is evicted with Cameron. At least, that’s his plan.

BB25 Jared and Kim

Cirie got wind of her son, Jared Fields, spending too much time with Blue Kim. She did not waste any time telling Jared that type of play was strictly for outside the Big Brother house. Jared was not happy with Cirie’s mothering.

Big Brother 25 Week Three Power of Veto Competition

In addition to Felicia, Cameron, and Jag playing in this week’s POV competition, Cory Wurtenberger, Izzy Gleicher, and Red were chosen to play. Hisam was not picked to play, so things are looking up for Felicia. Let the games begin!


This week’s POV competition is called Cock-a Doodle-Doo, which is messy. Players must crawl through sludge (green slime) to get to their egg-slaying station. Once there, they must sit, flap their wings, and cluck like a chicken for 10 seconds to lay an egg.

Once they lay the egg, they must race back through the sludge to place their egg (one at a time) in the carton. The first person to lay and transport 12 eggs wins the golden Power of Veto.

BB25 POV week 3

The winner was Jag. This works perfectly for Felicia and her plan. Jag will take himself off the block, leaving things open to back door Hisam.

One additional perc for winning this week’s POV is that Jag must wear the Cock-a-Doodle-Zoom outfit all week. He must be dressed like a chicken for a full week inside the Big Brother 25 house. Nice twist, Big Brother!

Hisam was told Jag was the target all week, so he is working to pick a replacement for him on the block. Once Jag comes down, he wants Matt Klotz to be nominated for eviction. Little does Hisam know that he will be the target and replacement nominee.

Big Brother 25 Week Three Power of Veto Ceremony

As expected, Jag took himself off the block for eviction this week in the Big Brother 25 house. This left Felicia to nominate a replacement nominee as the HOH. As promised, she nominated Hisam to the block for eviction.

Hisam was visibly shaken by the move Felicia made with her backdoor. He claims he still has plenty of game left in him, and he will make all of them feel so guilty for what they have done to him.

Join us again tomorrow, August 24th, at 9 PM EST for the live vote and eviction.


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