Who Won the Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother 21? (8/21/19)

Tonight’s Power of Veto (POV) competition is the most important of the Big Brother 21 season for Christie Murphy. She was nominated to the block for eviction by this week’s Head of Household (HOH) Jackson Michie alongside her ally Analyse Talavera. Jackson is out for revenge, and he will do nothing short of making sure Christie goes to the jury house this week under his watch.

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Christie painted a huge target on her back when she made Michie her public enemy number one last week. She even made deals with other houseguests (Cliff Hogg III) to save their game as long as they agreed to target Michie going forward. Now, she must win the POV tonight to save her own game. She was almost evicted last week and narrowly escaped eviction. Can she be so lucky again? Can she manifest the Universe to save her?

Week Eight Block Nominee Reactions

Michie knows Christie is coming after him, especially if she wins the POV this week. Analyse realizes she is just a pawn this week but nonetheless is not happy. Christie throws a pity party knowing she is Michie’s number one target for eviction this week.

Analyse is extremely overconfident in the Big Brother house right now. She feels she will have the votes to stay regardless of who she is sitting next to on the block. Sis thinks that if they can get Christie off the block, she will definitely stay in the game with Christie. Their goal is to somehow get Christie off the block with the POV.

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Nick Maccarone was approached by Sis about using a veto win on Christie if he were picked to play in the competition. Nick told Sis that he would use to veto to take her off the block and not Christie. He told the exact same info directly to Christie who deemed the comments sketchy and now wonders if Nick is working with Michie and partner Holly Allen.

After the girl’s paranoia gets the best of them, they go to Tommy Bracco about their thoughts of Nick working with Michie. Tommy, in turn, goes to Nick to confront him which sets him off for no one trusting him in the Big Brother house. This sets Christie off into another pity party, this time in the shower. Tommy tries to console her to no avail. In Big Brother, you have to lie in the bed you made!

Week Eight Power of Veto Competition

In addition to HOH Michie and the two nominees Sis and Christie, names were drawn for the other three competitors in the upcoming POV. Cliff was the first name chosen, and Nick was the second. The final name was Holly. This was not a good draw for Christie. They are on their own on this one.

This Competition is called Coral Grief, and the houseguests are dressed in scuba gear…including flippers. They must retrieve their ocean creatures and bring them back to the deep sea structure one at a time. Once there, they must precariously balance the creatures on the structure. When all ten of the creatures are balanced on the structure, the houseguest must be the first to ring their buzzer to win POV.

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After much frustration by all the competitors, Michie won the golden power of veto. He should keep the nominations the same. His target seems to still be Christie for eviction this week.

Week Eight Power of Veto Ceremony

Before the POV ceremony, Christie pitches Michie and Holly about the prospect of staying in the game, by any means necessary. She promised them safety going forward until the final 4 or 5 houseguests are left in the Big Brother 21 house. She tries to pull on their heartstrings about a comeback story, but Michie doesn’t seem to be biting. Holly gets emotional with Christie, but Michie is steadfast about evicting Christie.

As expected at the POV ceremony, Michie decides to NOT use the power and keep the nominations the same. Unless another Big Brother miracle comes her way, Christie is a goner.

Join us again tomorrow night Thursday, August 22nd at 9 PM EST/ 8 PM CST for the live eviction.

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