Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Will the Sitting Ducks Cause Tension Between James and Natalie?

Natalie Negrotti and James Huling have had one of the more consistent Big Brother 18 showmances. Their fights have been brief, not many instances of jealousy, and they are a duo that would fall on their swords for one another. All Big Brother 2016, they have supported and trusted one another. Now with both of their backs against the wall, a few cracks have begun to show.

Big Brother-Victor Arroyo

Natalie and James have stated that they would fight for the other one to stay. They have both campaigned to keep the other one safe, but also slightly campaigned for themselves to stay in the Big Brother game. Yesterday (9/4/16), Natalie tried to clear the air with Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian.

She wanted to apologize for betraying them, and explain what happened that week she nominated them, evicted Victor, and targeted Paul. Following the conversation, Paul concluded that Natalie was trying to throw James under the bus.

She told them that she regretted completely trusting and listening to him. However, her main intentions were to just try to clear things up and restore some trust between her and the Sitting Ducks.

BB18-James Huling

Around 1:09am BBT on 9/5/16, Paul and Victor spoke to James about their discussion with Natalie. Paul wanted to find out who exactly told Natalie to target him. Previously, he had heard that Nicole Franzel did (which she did), but he claimed that Natalie implied that James was the culprit.

James denied any claims of him being the one to initially target Paul. He was even more shocked to hear that Natalie was the one who said he said this. James insisted that Nicole started the target Paul conversation.

Paul said that Nicole admitted her part in his almost eviction, but this wasn’t what Natalie said. Paul then insisted that he didn’t want to cause tension between Natalie and James. He just wanted the truth.

Paul Abrahamian

Despite Paul’s claim about not trying to cause tension, we’re sure this will bubble at the surface of some of James and Natalie’s interactions this week. James also promised not to tell Natalie what Paul and Victor told him. We shall see how long that lasts.

Natalie supposedly throwing James under the bus will definitely help justify Paul, Corey Brooks, and Nicole’s decision to evict her over James this week.


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