Game of Big Brother Thrones: Who Will Be King (or Queen)?

When you play the game of Big Brother 18, you either win or die. Okay, well, die metaphorically speaking, anyway.


When you think about it, Big Brother 18 and Game of Thrones have some similarities. You make deals with people you thought you trusted just to get betrayed in the end, you have to fight for your life, and eventually everyone you love dies. Or gets evicted. Same difference.

After much thought and deliberation (about 12 minutes), I have given the six remaining houseguests of BB18 their Game of Thrones spirit animal.

Victor Arroyo as Jon Snow

Real talk, I originally gave Victor the honor of being Jon Snow simply because they share some physical traits. And by that, I mean they’re both easy on the eyes. Upon further reflection, they share more than just looks. Remember that time Jon Snow freaking died because his men betrayed him (looking at you, Olly)? Then we had to wait a whole year to find out if he really was dead. Oh and then that one-time Victor was killed AKA evicted and we had to wait a few weeks to see if he was really dead? Guess what… STILL ALIVE!

Not only that, Jon nearly died again during the Battle of the Bastards, but ultimately defeated Ramsay Bolton. Our good friend Victor nearly died again during the jury buy-back competition, but ultimately defeated Paulie Calafiore. I’m not saying Paulie is Ramsay. No wait. I am saying that. Basically, they’re both powerhouses on the battlefield, have come back from the dead (at least once), and I don’t mind looking at them. I present to you, Victor Snow.


Paul Abrahamian as Tyrion Lannister

It took me a little while to decide who our boy Paul should be. I’ll admit, what really sold me on Tyrion was Tyrion’s line of, “I drink, and I know things.” You all know that’s the kind of golden bull crap that comes out of Paul’s mouth on the daily. And let’s be honest, if they would let Paul sit around and drink everyday, he totally would. Neither one of them is a huge physical threat like our friend Victor Snow, but they do bring some brain power to the table. I also feel like Tyrion has been roaming all of Westeros just looking for some friendship. Now he’s finally found it in a certain blonde haired queen… but I’m getting ahead of myself.

They rock a beard, have killer catch phrases, and make us laugh. Lion of Lannister goes to our boy, Paul.


Natalie Negrotti as Margaery Tyrell

Upon first glance you probably only think they’re another cute face in the crowd. WRONG! They play the victim, and they play that part well. They also have a knack for luring dudes into their trap just to advance their game. Granted, Margaery moved on from Joffrey because he died, and Natalie moved on from half the dudes in the house because they didn’t give her the time of day. Cut me some slack.

At the end of the day, their games go up in a blaze of wildfire because they trusted the wrong people. Sorry, Lady Natalie. As they say, it sucks to suck.


James Huling as Tommen Baratheon

Big Brother 17 James would not get this title. Unfortunately, Big Brother 18 James does. He’s still likeable, but like Tommen, he’s more worried about his people liking him than playing the game. We could forgive this because there was still hope for the old James to come back.

Then in walks in a cutie with some boobies. Lady Natalie trapped him with some swoon worthy phrases, and he turned into a lovesick direwolf. Her game is going up in flames, and instead of trying to save his own skin, he jumps out a window. Metaphorically speaking of course.

I hate it for you, Jamesy. But James Baratheon, First of His Name it is.


Corey Brooks as Khal Drogo

I’m sorry. It’s the best I could come up with. They both have a pretty big physical presence, neither of them really says a lot, and they have a big ole crush on a blonde chick. Sleeping in a bumper car would definitely be a struggle for Drogo too.

Khal Corey, everyone. Because I’m at a loss for the big ole lug.


Nicole Franzel as Daenerys Targaryen

So I’m giving Nicole this title in hopes of the following happening: Khal Corey dies sooner rather than later, she has a pity party for a hot second, then emerges from the flames to kick butt and take names. I realize it’s late in the season for this to happen, but let’s be honest, this is when you’ve got to be on top of your game. We don’t have time for her to be all “my sun and stars” to Khal Corey right now. He’s gotta go so our Mother of Dragons can emerge victorious. I’m also a big fan of the friendship between Nicole Stormborn and Paul Lannister.

We know she has the ability to win the game. We just have to hope our messy bunned queen comes to her senses before it’s too late.

Even Big Brother 18 production has gotten into the game. Back when it was Corey vs. Victor on the eviction block, the houseguests were rehearsing for eviction night and we heard a very funny announcement from production that probably shouldn’t have gone out on the Feeds.

Naturally, fans immediately decided that Game of Thrones referred to Victor Arroyo, and The Walking Dead was a reference to Corey Brooks.

So there you have it. The remaining houseguests as Game of Thrones characters. Who will emerge as the winner of the iron throne? We’ll find out in a few short weeks!

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