Big Brother Recap: Does the Final Four Continue Their Reign of Power? 9/4/2016

Tonight’s Big Brother 2016 episode continues right where Thursday’s episode left off. The final six players compete in the egg wire competition. One of them gains all the power, and we’ll see if the Final Four can continue their winning streak. The Jatalie showmance needs this week’s Head of Household competition win to stay alive in the Big Brother 18 game.


The competition lasted for a little over 2-hours, as players continuously tried to get a single egg to knock over the last letter. You can read more about it in our spoiler section. Besides the Head of Household competition, not much happened between Thursday and Sunday. So Big Brother 18 fans, expect lots of filler on tonight’s episode.

Right before the live show, Natalie Negrotti and James Huling find out that Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel plan to vote out Michelle Meyer. Natalie then gives Michelle a heads up about the vote. She tells her to go campaign for herself.

Michelle starts to cry because she’s going home. And half heartedly tries to convince Nicole and Corey that Paul is more of a threat than her.

During the Head of Household competition,

Natalie, Corey, and Victor all get two of their letters knocked down. Then the stress intensifies when they repeatedly try to get out their last letter. Paul, eventually knocks off his second letter down as well. James finally gets his fir st letter down. A little while later, Victor finally wins, and Paul and him go over-the-top with their celebration.

Victor Arroyo

James and Natalie are not too excited about Victor’s victory.

Paul and Corey start talking about Michelle taking Pablo away from him. Paul does a goodbye type message talking about Pablo.

Paul and Victor have a talk about being the “Sitting Ducks.”

Nicole starts talking about her small hometown, Ubly. Victor, Paul, and Corey then make a bunch of jokes about the smallness of her school.

Natalie talks about regretting making a final four deal with Nicole and Corey. James talks about already winning because he has her. She talks about how lonely it will be without him. They try to pump each other up to fight for the Veto.

Big Brother 18 Victor Arroyo

There is a Corey sleep walking/talking segment.

James and Natalie talk about whether she really likes him. She tells him that she likes him for his personality, not looks. James then tries to campaign to get Nicole or Corey sitting next to him on the block.

He throws Nicole and Corey under the bus, but they arrive to the Head of Household room,  and then disrupt the game discussion. Paul then tells Nicole and Corey what they said. They don’t care about the final four with James and Natalie. They want to keep them safe this week.

Nicole talks about Jatalie playing dirty. James then tells Natalie that he tried to keep her safe this week. She cries about being in the house without him.
Victor nominates James and Natalie for eviction.

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