Big Brother 25 Episode 25 Recap: Cameron Rockets To The Top

Last week on Big Brother 25, Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields were evicted from the house during a special double eviction episode. Both came back into the house as zombies and had the opportunity to battle against one another for the right to come back into the Big Brother game.

Big Brother 25 HOH

After three tough rounds, Cameron won the Resurrection Rumble and decided to take his game into his own hands. He competed in one final competition to decide his fate and Jared’s. Cameron won that competition and reentered the Big Brother 25 house. Jared was officially evicted. A new HOH will be crowned tonight, and block nominations will be revealed.

Big Brother 25 Week Eight Eviction Aftermath

Blue Kim is upset that Jared is no longer in the Big Brother 25 house. Cirie Fields is hell-bent on payback as she has no one she loves in the house left. Jag Bains is thrilled that Cameron is returning as he, Matt Klotz, and Cameron have an alliance.

Big Brother 25 Week Nine Head of Household Competition

This competition is called We Come In Pieces, and this is how it works. The houseguests must assemble a 14-piece rocket to win the HOH competition. The first houseguest to complete the rocket puzzle wins.

Cameron won the competition by a hair over Matt and Jag. This is Cameron’s third HOH victory. Not to mention, he was a zombie last week fighting to get back into the game.

BB25 Cameron HOH

Cirie isn’t a fan of Cameron’s, but she knows he is a comp beast and needs to align with him. Cam told her that he promised Jared to take care of her before he left the game. He seems to want to work with Cirie.

Big Brother 25 Week Nine Block Nominee Plans

Cameron, Jag, and Matt have made their alliance official and will be called the Fugitives. Cameron has a special goal this week with his target. Whoever is evicted this week will not make it to the jury house. That is very important because jury members can sway other evicted houseguests.

Felicia Cannon spoke with Cameron privately in an effort to stay off the block. Cameron told Felicia she was the best persuader in the Big Brother 25 house. She disagreed and put that title on Cirie. Felicia is doing all she can to stay off that block this week, but Cameron seems to be leaning towards targeting her.

Big Brother 25 Week Nine Block Nominations

Cameron placed Felicia and Mecole Hayes on the block at the block nomination ceremony for possible eviction this week. Although he has stated Felicia is his target, Cam likes to surprise people while in power. Don’t be surprised with a backdoor plan if the right person wins the golden POV.

BB25 Block Nominees

Join us again on a new night…Tuesday, October 3rd at 8 PM EST for the next episode of Big Brother 25.


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